Do you wish to give feedback or make a product/program-related complaint?

If you have wish to provide feedback or make a complaint about any of the following categories, please contact Your message will be picked up by our global support team to respond to and/or action.

  • Masterclass
  • Music/lyrics
  • Choreography notes
  • A training or event you have attended
  • Instructor Portal or Les Mills Releases App

If you’d like to provide specific feedback on the latest release, please complete the Release Feedback survey.


Do you wish to make a formal complaint regarding the behaviour of an individual associated with Les Mills?

We take all complaints seriously. Our policy is to be supportive and transparent throughout what can be a difficult process.

Before you make a formal complaint, we recommend you read the following information so that you understand your options and the process should you wish to go ahead.

What are your options before making a formal complaint?

To allow you to be your best self Les Mills believes in building an inclusive culture for our whole Team. We do not condone behaviors that go against our values, nor those that actively discourage inclusiveness.

There are a few steps to consider when making a decision about whether to make a formal complaint. Whichever route you choose, be sure to keep written records of the incident/s, noting the date and time of the incident/s and the parties involved (including witnesses, if any).

Speak to the individual directly

As a first step, consider speaking directly with the person concerned, telling them their behavior is offensive, unwelcome or otherwise, and that you would like it to stop. This is a great option if you feel comfortable approaching the person directly, as it may be that the person does not understand the impact their behaviors have on you.

Facilitated discussion

If speaking to the person directly has not worked or you are not comfortable doing this yourself, consider requesting a support person to help you speak to the person or to speak to the person concerned informally on your behalf (with or without you being present), so you are heard in a safe environment. Depending on the circumstances, your Instructor Experience Director or Instructor Experience Manager may be able to assist you with this.

Formal Complaint

If speaking with the individual directly, including facilitated discussions, hasn’t stopped the behavior, or you believe the behavior requires more serious action, or you aren’t comfortable with either approach, you may choose to lay a formal complaint. Formal complaints will go through the Les Mills Global Markets CEO, with internal guidance from the People & Culture team, who are trained in dealing with these types of issues, ensuring your matter is managed appropriately.

What will the process be if I do lay a complaint?

Given complaints of this nature could result in serious sanctions for the person/s your complaint is against, it’s important that investigations are run thoroughly and promptly, and that the person running the process and making the decision does so fairly – meaning that they’re unbiased and that the process is transparent and fair.

Therefore, depending on the circumstances of the complaint, an investigation may be conducted either by a member of the Les Mills team experienced in this type of work or by someone entirely independent of the business (which may include external lawyers).

If you believe the issue is serious enough to warrant a formal complaint the process will be as follows:

  1. You will email with a brief overview of your complaint.
  2. The Les Mills CEO of Global Markets will respond within three [3] working days to acknowledge your message.
  3. You will be contacted by a representative from Les Mills within five [5] working days to discuss further details of your complaint, and also to offer you support and explain your options and the process.
  4. If they make a determination that a formal investigation of your complaint is warranted, you will need to provide as much detail of the incident/s as you have, including any witnesses that may have been present.
  5. The individual who the complaint is about will be informed of the complaint made against them and a meeting will be requested. At that meeting they will be provided with the details of the complaint, who has made it and any evidence you or your witnesses have provided. For transparency it is important that they know what the complaint is about and who is making the allegations, including any witnesses. For this reason, unless there are exceptional circumstances, we will not be able to keep your identity or that of your witnesses anonymous.
  6. The individual who the complaint is about will provide their version of events and may introduce other evidence or witnesses. Depending on this, the investigation may involve further meetings to establish the relevant information and that it is understood by all parties.
  7. Les Mills (and external investigators, if applicable) will consider all the evidence and make a decision that will be shared with the person who the complaint is about.
  8. You will be informed whether the complaint was upheld and if so, what action was taken to prevent recurrence, and when. However, the details of any sanction imposed or disciplinary action taken will not generally be communicated to you or to witnesses to preserve the privacy and confidentiality of the other person.

You should also be aware that where a formal complaint is made and an investigation concludes that the complaint was malicious, false or made with the deliberate intention of getting another person into trouble, we may launch an investigation into the complainant and take the appropriate action.