A day of AIM training

Talia took the plunge and did her AIM 1 with Denice Burr in BODYPUMP this September. Here she tells us all about it. Get the scoop from an Instructor.

“I was a little nervous! I didn’t know what to expect as I’d heard so many different opinions or perceptions of what AIM is!

The night before I was feeling tired from teaching in the daytime but I also started to feel excited, especially to meet some fellow pump Instructors that I’d not met before.

The morning of the course I was even more excited. I didn’t know anyone taking the course and when I arrived at the club, I gravitated towards Instructor looking types and started to feel a bit more at ease. I think you can always spot tribe member a mile away!

We had to watch a video before the course above love marks.

During the first part of the day we discussed the consumers that the programme appeals to and their values. We also discussed the essence of the programme. This really appealed to my inner geek! This lead to a discussion about the feeling we need to create in our classes.

Next up was presentations. I actually felt everyone’s shoulders go up in the room! It was quite a big group so 2 presentations per track, but we all quickly relaxed and we all spurred each other on which was lovely!

Next came feedback on presentation. For me it was amazing to get feedback. I film myself twice a release just to check on delivery but this was really technique specific and things I didn’t even realise I was doing!

Quick break then on to technique boot camp – I had preconceived this was going to be a bit repetitive from IMT, but actually it was one of the most valuable parts of the day. We performed and adjusted all the moves. These micro adjustments really made sense and I could feel the technique improve straight away. Even an inch can change lunges!

Coaching was the next topic. It was great to revisit this and it was a lot more relevant on AIM than IMT. This really gave me ideas how to ‘move on’ and how to coach relevantly, in a way that I could make my own mark and which style of learning this would appeal to.

Lunch, then scripting. I thought I’d mastered this since IMT but I’ve really been making my life hard. It took me a while (and a few questions) to adjust my brain, but this was my second most valuable part of the day and will really help me for future releases. I was writing myself an essay for each release – not anymore!

The last part of the day focussed on second presentations and feedback. We had all improved so much since the morning. We were all good in the morning but I could definitely tell we were on our way to getting great by the afternoon! I’m certainly hoping to improve class by class after setting an action plan. First action – try to say a bit less!

I will definitely keep in touch with Instructors from the day! I’ve already friended lots on Facebook.

I’m really glad I chose to further my programme education. My perception was that it was going to be really repetitive from IMT, but it really wasn’t. I’ve got lots of technique, coaching and scripting points to really improve my classes and take them to the next level.

Oh and of course, some new tribe friends! Next step – master it all then AIM 2!”