Amsterdam filming with Justin Riley

Justin headed to Amsterdam a few weeks ago to film CXWORX 30. We’re so excited to see the UK Tribe on upcoming releases that we asked him to share some behind the scenes action.

17 UK Trainers were invited to film the latest release in Amsterdam this October. We are so proud of them and can’t wait to see them in action. We got Justin Riley to give us in the inside scoop on all the action as he filmed CXWORX 30.

How did you feel when you found out you’d be going to Amsterdam?

It was almost like fate. I always had a strange premonition I’d film release 30 because I’d previously done 10 and 20. I was over the moon it had become a reality!

What did you have to do in the lead up to prepare? Any changes to your usual fitness regime?

I added extra CXWORX, core training sessions and weight training sessions to my schedule. My nutrition is always tight, but when in Spain on holiday in the lead up I had to ease up on the usual holiday indulgences.

What happened when you arrived?

Phil Harrison and I flew over together then met Adam Burke at the airport. Shortly after we were all in our awesome top floor apartment playing table football. We then hit the grocery store and stocked up on all things healthy to fuel the week ahead!

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On the day of filming what does your schedule look like from getting up to going to sleep?

Our original schedule had an 8 am prep session but Dan Cohen cancelled this as we didn’t need it. We were ready!

I had breakfast and went over my tracks at the apartment before heading to the venue, which was spectacular. Once our filming clothes, make up and mics were sorted it was time to hit the stage!

Filming always goes so quick when you are up there so I made the most of interacting with the participants and enjoying every second! Afterwards I rang my wife to tell her how well it went and then had a big lunch. I then changed and took part in BODYCOMBAT 75 filming which was immense! You're going to love it!

Next was more food and a well earnt beer. Then it was time to get ready for cocktails with the filming teams, programme directors and all the Les Mills team there and onto a party. Big day!

Take a look at some photos on Facebook HERE.

What’s your favourite thing about filming?

When you are you there you can feel the connection to the participants, music and moves – this leads to a more confident and natural teaching where you are truly showcasing yourself and the programme in a genuine way. This feeling is indescribable.

You're going to love these releases. Bring on March!

Did you meet any new faces at filming?

Heaps – lots of presenters from other programmes and I met up with old friends too!

Do you get to spend any time with the programme directors?

Yes, I spent lots of time with Dan Cohen both in a team and as a friend. Dan always inspires me and I love hanging out with him.

Anything else you'd like to share with Les Mills Instructors?

It's great that Les Mills encourages Instructors to be the best they can wherever you are in your journey – whether that’s attending your first AIM 1, or if you’ve got your eye on being a Trainer or Presenter one day. I felt really honoured to have taken it this far.

I'd love you to join me or one of the other awesome Trainers for an AIM. Check out the dates HERE.

Thanks Justin. We can’t wait to see you in action.

If you want to hear more from Justin follow him on Instagram @justin_riley5136 and Facebook Justin Riley LMUK.