Oh yeah, it’s that time of year again! The brand new range from Reebok has just landed and we can’t wait to get our hands on the latest gear. I thought I’d give you a quick rundown of what’s hot this season, as well as share some insider goss from Masterclass filming. I’m talking about THAT haircut Ben Main…

How far in advance do you think we start working on the new range?

If you guessed “at least a year”, you’d be right! In fact, the process begins exactly 12 months before it turns up at filming. It’s a long process where we work directly with Reebok to review what has and hasn’t worked in previous seasons, samples are tried out, before the final range is delivered. In fact, the range we’re about to start working on won’t be out until December 2020 – how crazy is that?!

But I’m getting off the point, sooooo… let’s get into what you’re going to love this season.

Pumpers and Combatters represent! This season we have program specific tops for BODYPUMP™ and BODYCOMBAT™. Rach is ready to battle with BODYCOMBAT 81 and this top has her back! She says loves it because, “It has plenty of support for the ladies, ha ha ha”.

One of the stand out features of this range is all-over print. We’ve used Speedwick fast drying fabric, ensuring sweat is whisked away from your skin to keep you nice and cool during class.

Question: which Program Director is affectionately known as “Mops” and why?*

Back by popular demand! We know you guys love a good slogan, so we’ve selected your favorites that resonate with the workouts.

Question: which International Presenter almost persuaded the team to let him wear “smiley socks” during LES MILLS GRIT™ filming?**

The feature piece of our mind-body programs is an amazing black body suit, which is set to be worn by Diana Archer Mills in LES MILLS BARRE™ 9. We also love our dance outerwear this season – Rach is in love with the jacket that she wore in SH’BAM™ 37! She tied it at the back but it kept coming undone during rehearsals, so finally we fixed it in place for filming with a rubber band and hair tie.

We have beautiful jewel colours running through this season – deep blues, greens, reds and yellows. Fun fact: blue is in our top three best-selling colours. (Black and white are the two others.)

Question: Which LES MILLS GRIT Presenter presented two classes back to back, then jumped in to be in the audience for the third program?***

As Program Director for BODYSTEP™, Mark Nu’u-Steele needs a good shoe, so when he gives something his seal of approval we know we’ve got it right. Mark loves the stability this shoe offers, saying it’s, “so comfortable, with great grip on the sole”.

*Mark Nu’u-Steele, a nickname he earned for sweating so much during class that they needed a mop to clean up the stage!
**Dennis Toppin
*** Ben Main, what a machine!