LES MILLS Strength Development is the first of a brand-new series of innovative workouts that meet how your members want to move today.

Whether new to lifting or a seasoned pro, LES MILLS Strength Development will build muscle, improve technique, and grow member confidence so they can train more powerfully in the studio and on the gym floor.


Aimed at those wanting to get stronger, LES MILLS Strength Development is a sequence of 12 x 45-minute progressive workouts.

Clubs can schedule the series as a 12-week or a 12-month block to fit their member’s needs.


Inspire the next generation with this innovation.

LES MILLS Strength Development is a limited edition concept with a series of 12 x 45-minute workouts, with no new upcoming releases.

Let us know your interest and we will help you create a successful launch at your club.

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LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT is a series of 12x 45-minute progressive workouts, designed to build strength in science-backed phases. It is accessible to everyone, including experienced lifters and those just starting out who want to learn the fundamentals of strength training. LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT is about building confidence while lifting weights. Hooking into the latest tracks and performing moves that are not in time with the beat, this is a whole new style of training. It’s been designed to attract new fitness fans and encourage them to embrace the unique benefits of group training.

  • How will Instructor Training for LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT work?

The Instructor Journey is flexible and can be facilitated in different ways, Online, Live or blended. The key information here is that the Instructor Training from Start to Certification requires a time investment of 10 hours for an Instructor.

  • When will LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT Instructor Training be available?

We will be promoting LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENTin 2023 and adding Instructor Training as the regional roll-outs happen. These will be promoted through various LES MILLS channels such as LES MILLS Connect and Monthly Newsletters as they become available in your region.

  • Is there a cost involved in LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT?

Yes, LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT will be sold as a 12-workout full set, including workout resources and Instructor Training. The cost and structure are being discussed and agreed and will evolve as we learn more from our markets. Please get in touch with the regional Customer Experience Manager for more information.

  • What is the difference between LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT and BODYPUMP?

Both workouts are based on science-backed strength training theories. BODYPUMP focuses on high repetitions with lighter weights. The format and moves are set to work to the beat of the music.

LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT is progressive strength training, meaning each workout focuses on a specific training protocol for building strength over the 12 workouts. This ranges from Foundational Strength, to Hypertrophy, to Pure Strength, while the structure and feel is very different to BODYPUMP. The music is there to provide great workout tracks without moving to the beat. Instead, LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT uses Time Under Tension, as well as rep-ranges depending on the prescribed protocol of the workout.

  • What are the benefits of buying the LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT full set?

By designing safe and science-backed strength workouts that are bang-on-trend, we’ve taken the guess work out of programming, coaching and music. LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT is researched and trialed to deliver strength gains, while building confidence and knowledge of how to lift weights.

The pre-programming of the 12-workout full set ensures a consistent experience for participants and makes it easy to follow. A certified LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT Coach has the time and skills to focus on the individuals needs of the participants, instead of focusing on making up a workout

  • What is the planned lifespan of LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT?

A minimum of two years and once we test with customers, this feedback will help shape what this will look like for other Gen-Fit Training workouts.

  • How often will new LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT full sets be released?

There are currently no plans to release more than the existing full set of 12 workouts for LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT. Gen-Fit Training products are designed to be agile and meet shifting fitness preferences, which means launching a variety of on trend workouts at different stages yearly. We constantly monitor the needs of local markets and adjust our product pipeline accordingly to ensure we only deliver programs that are in demand and will deliver results.

  • Where will LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT be available?

LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT is designed to work in the Club/Gym space. Instructors need to be associated with a club implementing the workout to train in it and ultimately certify to teach it.

  • Why do the LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT workouts have to run in order?

The 12 progressive workouts have been carefully designed by a team of strength experts, physios, and trainers, to adhere to key strength and conditioning protocols. The recommended order ensures a safe workout order while achieving maximum benefits.

  • Are there discounts on SMART TECH™ or buying a LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT weights bundle?

The team are working on how we can make SMART TECH even more accessible. Updates will be provided across various LES MILLS channels.



The first program to launch for Gen-Fit Training is LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT. A progressive strength training program using weights equipment, aimed at people who want to get stronger. 12 x 45-minute workouts to advance strength training with controlled movements, functional exercises, and dynamic core work. The releases are provided all at once so you can schedule accordingly to maximize impact and results.

  • Is the workout for beginners or advanced lifters?

Perfect for those who regularly lift, and those who are just starting out, it is all about building confidence while lifting weights.

  • What weights do I need to supply in a class?

You need weights – and the more you have the better. Using the SMARTBAR™ is ideal because with the gator technology and ergonomic hand weights is super easy to quickly add weight in small doses and gradually build weight for maximum gains.

  • Why should I buy it when I already license BODYPUMP?

While BODYPUMP is an endurance weights workout set in time to music, this is a pure strength conditioning workout which allows you to go at your own pace. It involves strength conditioning, lifting fundamentals, muscle-building techniques, and helping users advance.

  • Do the workouts need to run in sequential order?

The 12 releases have been carefully designed by a team of strength experts, physios, and trainers to build strength in phases based on strength and conditioning science. When you move through these workouts in the correct order you will safely and effectively maximize the gains.

  • Why is buying a LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT license better than me just running a PT-style strength course of my own?

Gen-Fit Training is scientifically tested and crafted to meet the demand of younger generations for highly-motivating fitness experiences that bring results, strength and empowerment.