Strong women in the spotlight

Watch how four powerful and inspiring women #breakthebias and proudly use their strength to fight cancer, overcome eating disorders, challenge cultural bias and navigate motherhood.

I am not sick. I am strong

“When I found out I had cancer I knew I had to show my three boys I was strong… The stronger I am, the fitter I am, the better my recovery will be.” Watch Nikki’s story below.

I feel undefeatable

“I experienced eating disorders. I was scared of what others would think. I was scared of having a body I am unhappy with. Exercise changed things. When I work out I am more confident in who I am.” Watch Eli’s story below.

It’s my mental health strategy

“In my culture women have their place. I was told a man won’t marry you if you’re more muscley than them. But my mother said don’t listen, do what makes you happy.” Watch Phieng's story below.

It makes me a better mother

“As a new mother, in those very early vulnerable months, fitness was completely priceless. To just have that space for myself, I felt rested and could be a much better mother.” Watch Portia’s video below.