The fitness event of the year is coming to a gym near you, so make sure you grab a slice of the action. World United will be a non-stop party with thousands of fitness events going off all over the globe – and it starts from Saturday 19 September.

Like all the best things in life, fitness is an experience best shared with others. Research into the ‘group effect’ tells us that workouts are more motivating and enjoyable when we workout together, while we also get better results. So, after a period of isolation and nothing but solo exercise efforts, what better way to reinvigorate your training than with a global festival of fitness – World United.

What is World United?

World United is a global event to celebrate fitness, recognize its importance to our physical and mental health, and support clubs, Instructors and exercise lovers as gyms reopen and we resume our favored fitness habits.

The celebrations will kick off from Saturday 19 September 2020 with a synchronized global launch of live and online fitness events involving tens of thousands of fitness facilities and trainers worldwide. It is during these launch events that you will get to experience the phenomenal new Les Mills United workouts.

Filmed during lockdown by 400 of the world’s top Instructors across 48 different countries, these exclusive workouts provide a unique opportunity to celebrate the talents of Les Mills Instructors across the globe. The final workouts – which feature shots from the desert, Stonehenge, the Eiffel Tower and many more iconic locations – will be distributed to the 140,000-strong Les Mills Instructor network, so Instructors can learn the new workouts and teach them at your local club.

“This is the most iconic and exciting series of releases we’ve created,” says Phillip Mills, Les Mills Executive Director. “There’s a special level of inspiration and humanity – these releases are all about bringing people together and making them feel better.”

“The most iconic and exciting series of releases we’ve created ... There’s a special level of inspiration and humanity.” Phillip Mills.

Experiencing these new releases in a party setting at your local club is something you won’t want to miss. Anyone who’s felt the electricity of a live fitness class will tell you it’s one of the most powerful and motivational workout experiences you can get. Clubs will be dialing up the fun even further with an array of competitions, meet-and-greets and free workouts. We know fitness facilities all across the planet have some fantastic plans in the pipeline, so look out for updates from your local club to see what you can expect.

Is it safe to return to the gym?

The wake of the COVID-19 pandemic presents plenty of uncertainty, but one thing you can be sure of is that returning to the gym is a smart move. Researchers found in a recent study (yet to be peer-reviewed) that there is "no threat of increased COVID-19 spread at fitness facilities, even when intensive training takes place.

When New Zealand gyms reopened in mid-May, Auckland-based gym-goer Joanne Buchanan was initially a little apprehensive to return, but she said as soon as she walked through the doors and saw all the hygiene and distancing measures in place, she felt totally confident. “Now I’m back in the swing of my regular workouts, I can’t believe how I survived without them. Absolutely nothing compares to the buzz you get from a live class – I thrive on the energy of others and push myself so much harder.”

“Absolutely nothing compares to the buzz you get from a live class – I thrive on the energy of others and push myself so much harder.” Joanne Buchanan, gym member.

Les Mills Instructor, Zoe Ballantyne says when everyone returned to classes, they all stuck to the health and safety guidelines and distancing rules without any issues at all. “Although we were not up-close floor coaching like in the past, immediately there was this amazing connection with the participants. You can still see it in everyone’s eyes, they are just so happy to be back training in a group.”

The fact is, exercise is critical for good health and those who belong to the gym are on average 14 times more active than those who don’t. The sooner we re-establish our tried and tested training regimes, the better for our individual fitness, and the health of our planet.

What if your local club is not reopening any time soon?

Even if your club is not reopening any time soon, we suggest you stay connected with your club and/or local instructors. Keep tabs on their social media channels and see if they’ll be livestreaming the new releases and how you can get involved. Alternatively, you can join the action and take part in the livestreaming workouts that will feature via LES MILLS On Demand.

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