From innovative strength workouts to ‘slowcationing’… If you’re a health-conscious individual, these are the trends you’ll want to know about.

#1 Scoping out new ways to get strong

Crowned Gen Z’s favorite way to work out, strength training made impressive popularity gains in 2023 and that hype looks set to continue over the next 12 months. “There’s so much momentum behind strength training right now – more and more people are beginning to understand its importance and building strength has become the most popular way to train,” says Les Mills Program Creator and Presenter Erin Maw. Staple weights-based workouts are now being complemented by a variety of new strength innovations – everything from hypertrophy training to explosive power and sculpt workouts. This means there are now strength options for every type of exerciser and plenty of scope for mixing things up. If you want to try the newest strength innovations, make LES MILLS SHAPES™ and LES MILLS FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH™ your first port of call.

LES MILLS FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH uses innovative moves for strength and power

#2 Slowcations and taking time out

Forget action-packed adventures and busy itineraries, there’s a growing trend towards ‘slowcationing’. Whether it's a vacation dedicated purely to rest and recovery, or simply a change in mindset that allows you to take time from the busy hustle of everyday life, there's no shame in choosing to switch to 'go slow' mode. It's an opportunity to embrace restorative sleep-ins, lazy days, laid-back settings, and nothing but calming and gentle movement. Trying the new LES MILLS MINDFUL MOVEMENT sessions can help you get in the zone. These sensory experiences help you find calm – in just 10 minutes.

#3 Racquet refresh

While tennis is consistently near the top of the list when it comes to peoples’ favorite sports, one of its less-loved racquet relations is rocketing up the charts. According to Pinterest, searches for badminton are surging. Why such love? Well… Badminton is social, you can tap into your competitive spirit, improve your fitness, channel your focus and concentration, and it leaves you feeling accomplished – so no wonder it’s a smash hit! And if you want your workouts to complement your racquet sport sessions, BODYATTACK™ is a great option for improving agility and all-round athletic performance.

#4 Hanging at the club

Are health clubs the new nightclubs? With alcohol consumption on the decline, many are swapping hedonism for healthier lifestyles, with Gen Z leading the way. Perhaps it's because these younger people are more in tune with their mental health and the importance of looking after themselves. Or perhaps it's simply because they want to avoid the yo-yo dieting and unhealthy habits they've watched their parents grapple with growing up. Either way, the gym is fast becoming the social destination of choice – a place to mix with like-minded individuals and enjoy the buzz of feeling good while you're at it.

Dance workouts are set to take off in 2024

#5 Loving the skin you’re in – literally

Skincare is a huge trend right now. Unlike the makeup category, which has remained steady over the last few years, skincare is in serious growth mode. In 2024 it’s expected to generate global revenue of US$187bn! The popularity of swish skincare is already being reflected in gym bathrooms, where you'll often find a collection of luxe lotions on offer (depending on how much you sell out for your membership!). But lathering yourself in creams and potions isn’t the only option. Regular exercise is shown to improve blood flow through the skin, which allows more nutrients to circulate through the various layers of skin cells.

#6 Tuning in to TikTok

TikTok has firmly established itself as the zeitgeist social media platform, earning a significant amount of influence – particularly when it comes to fitness. #FitTok, the subsect of TikTok populated with workout hacks and fitness tips, has attracted over 64 billion views (as of Dec 2023). And while sometimes the domain of dubious advice #FitTok is also home to a vibrant community of content creators serving to educate and inspire the next generation of fitness fans. Last year an assortment of workout trends were spawned via TikTok, including ‘Cozy Cardio’ which came to prominence thanks to US wellness influencer Hope Zuckerbrow. No one has a crystal ball to predict what the next 12 months might bring, but staying tuned to TikTok could well be the best way to find out first.

#7 Flexing your ability to choose

With lockdown life long behind us, live fitness experiences are back and arguably stronger than ever. Meanwhile, at-home digital options continue to feature in our training routines. This means it's now easier than ever to work out whenever and wherever you like. Almost three-quarters of Gen Z regular exercisers are now adopting a flexible hybrid approach that sees them training both in and out of the gym – and it’s paying off. Those who supplement their gym workouts with at-home exercise are more motivated, managing to do 67% more workouts than gym-only exercisers. In the year ahead, we can expect to see more digital workouts being shaped to complement gym-based workouts (like the new dedicated stretch programming and challenges designed to improve athleticism available on LES MILLS+).

#8 The dance revival

Dance fitness appears to be getting its groove back. Thanks in part to the explosion of TikTok dances, we are seeing millions of movers having fun learning new dance moves. “Dance is all about being open to evolving our movement and new experiences in various forms of dance,” explains dancer and choreographer Gandalf Archer Mills. You can explore fresh new ways to move when you give LES MILLS DANCE™ a go.

Extended reality for augmented fitness experiences

#9 Playing fitness games

With tech giants like META and Apple making bold plays in the VR space, fitness gamification is on course to go fully mainstream in the next 12 months. In 2023, the launch of LES MILLS BODYCOMBAT XR and LES MILLS DANCE XR on the META Quest 3 headset broke new ground for fitness gamification. META Founder Mark Zuckerberg spotlighted the BODYCOMBAT XR app as an example of next-level innovation during his launch of the META Quest 3 headset, highlighting how tech has the potential to take fitness to a whole new dimension. In the coming months, the fitness gamification trend will continue to gain ground. Expect to see an inspiring new wave of immersive workouts where music, visuals, wearables and Instructors combine to create even more exhilarating ways to move. Learn more about how game playing can fuel your motivation.

#10 Pilates with a twist

According to ClassPass, Pilates was the most popular workout of 2023, with bookings up 92%. Its popularity is predicted to grow further this year, but with new variations added into the mix. ‘Wall Pilates’ and ‘Lazy Girl Pilates’ are two options proving popular across social media and #pilatesformen is also gaining traction. Find out more about the power of Pilates.

LES MILLS SHAPES fuses Pilates with power yoga