Shanghai-based Lunar Lu is an inspiring fitness professional who trains and mentors a growing tribe of Chinese fitness instructors. Here’s where you can discover what keeps her motivated.

If you could choose one person to work out with, who would it be and why?

Bumblebee – he’s the big bee from the Transformer movie who communicates with music. He plays good music, and he’s very funny!

What’s your favorite workout routine?

I can’t get enough of LES MILLS GRIT™ Strength. It’s short and effective, and I love challenging myself by using weights to keep pushing my fitness to another level. I am also a big believer in the importance of balance, so I also enjoy doing CXWORX™ and BODYBALANCE™.

What does a cheat day look like for you?

Playing “superhero” video games for six hours in a row – until the game shuts me out!

If you had to choose your last meal, what would it be?

Definitely super spicy Sichuan hot pot!

How do you relax, de-stress and chill out?

I make a fire and have a BBQ in the park across the street from my apartment.

If you could change one thing about your appearance, what would it be?

Nothing. But my focus is always on making a better version of myself!

What characteristic do you most admire in other people?

Being funny.

Name the last book you read, the last movie you watched, and the track you currently have on high rotate.

The last book I read was The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. The last movie I watched was 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi and the track I currently have on high rotate is Waiting For The Daylight by Dino Lenny.

What social media can’t you live without? Do you have any favorite feeds?

Definitely Wechat, a Chinese social media app that’s known as the app for everything. I also love Alipay, an app that handles all of your accounts – your banking, bills, shopping etc – and you can also share with your friends. It’s super convenient.

If you could have one superpower, what would you choose?

The power to speak to animals.

What’s the best non-physical thing about staying in shape?

I guess it’s confidence. When you look good, you feel good and then everything else good will follow.

Who should play you in the movie based on your life?

My daughter.

Lunar Lu is a BODYPUMP Head Program Coach, a BODYCOMBAT trainer and the Senior Training Manager for Tera Wellness In China. You can learn more about Lunar’s inspiring story here.

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