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    Looking to get answers specific to your facility?


    How will LES MILLS™ programs help my facility?

    Member acquisition:

    • Satisfied LES MILLS participants have recommended their current facility to friends and family at a staggering rate of 93%. This compares to only 76% of gym attendees who recommend their current facility*.
    • With new music and choreography released every quarter, LES MILLS programs provide the perfect opportunity to host group fitness launch events. This is also a great time to encourage member referrals.

    Member retention:

    • Research indicates that if the average member makes one more visit a week, this leads to a 3% increase in a facility’s retention rate. Further research shows that freestyle Group Fitness participants attend around 1.9 times per week*, while LES MILLS Group Fitness participants attend around 3.1 times per week.** With this in mind, it’s clear that members attending LES MILLS programs are more likely to stay with you for longer.
    • LES MILLS Group Fitness participants have more intention to renew their membership than those who don’t do Group Fitness (72.2% compared to 63.4%). 65.7% of LES MILLS Group Fitness participants believe that Group Fitness is an important motivator in keeping them at the facility long-term and 71.8% are “very likely” or “extremely likely” to continue taking LES MILLS classes in the next 12 months.

    *Reference: From a report commissioned by IHRSA and undertaken by American Sports Data
    **Reference: Les Mills Neilson report

    How do I get LES MILLS into my facility or create a partnership?

    Easy, just get in touch! We’ll set up some time to talk through the challenges you’re facing and the opportunities you may have.

    How does the partnership work?

    • Every partnership with LES MILLS is unique.
    • LES MILLS will look at your specific challenges and opportunities to make your business more profitable.
    • Once you’ve launched your first program, the support doesn’t stop there.
    • You’ll be guided through how to best launch your LES MILLS programs.
    • Your dedicated regional team will be available to advise you on Marketing, scheduling and how to recruit instructors.
    • When you partner with LES MILLS the payment arrangements are a monthly licensing fee. This is agreed based on the number of programs you decide to launch with.

    What do I need to consider when launching LES MILLS?

    • Equipment: Do you have steps, barbells, mats, bands and bikes to meet the class requirements?
    • Marketing: Les Mills Marketing Studio has everything you need to successfully launch your new classes. The Marketing support you receive is simple and allows you to build your own materials. Your first launch materials are to let your members know you’re investing in quality studio workouts for them, then each quarter you’ll receive a new Marketing campaign to launch the new workout release. At any time, you can access all the Marketing materials available on Marketing Studio. It’s like online shopping; just add what you want to your basket and download it all when you’re ready.
    • Instructors: Your regional team can advise on setting up any recruitment events. Access to your Club Portal provides you with information on available Instructors in your area.

    How much equipment will I need to set up a new class?

    The number of items you require will depend on your studio size. For all LES MILLS programs (other than RPM™ and LES MILLS SPRINT™) we advise allowing 43 ft² (4 m²) per person. For RPM and LES MILLS SPRINT we suggest allowing a space of 21 ft² (2 m²) per bike. For LES MILLS GRIT™, we suggest allowing 64 ft2 (6 m²) per person. These recommendations will make a class comfortable but enable you to always squeeze a few more in, if necessary. We will advise on the exact recommended equipment based on your program and studio size. Our LES MILLS™ SMART TECH equipment is designed specifically for studio classes and free weight workout programs. Take a look at the SMARTBAR™, SMARTSTEP™, LES MILLS SMARTBAND™ and MBX™ Mat here.

    I only want to run one program, is this possible?

    • To maximize the benefits of LES MILLS programming to your members, we suggest launching with a minimum of three LES MILLS programs. It’s important to offer members a range of workout options including strength, cardio, cycle, HIIT, flexibility, core and dance workouts. A prescribed mix will give members the best results.
    • The more often members experience LES MILLS, the more likely they are to make it part of their regular routine.

    What’s the difference between LES MILLS classes and the freestyle classes I already have?

    • Les Mills programs have been refined over the last 25 years to offer the most effective workouts for members.
    • All Les Mills programs are scientifically proven to deliver results. For example, the LES MILLS GRIT™ workout goes through rigorous testing to ensure it’s true HIIT.
    • LES MILLS Instructors are all trained by qualified trainers around the globe. The Initial Training Module is a two-day training which is a challenge for the most advanced fitness professionals. You can be confident that a LES MILLS certified Instructor has received quality training and that they receive this on an ongoing basis.
    • LES MILLS programs are rereleased every quarter. LES MILLS Instructors receive these new materials and go through new training each quarter to deliver these new quality workouts to your members.
    • Because LES MILLS has been producing these workouts over the last 25 years, we have relationships with all the biggest music labels. This means we can license all the latest artists to motivate your members through their workout.

    What LES MILLS programs should I start with?

    • The decision on which programs to launch with should depend on the demographic of your facility, or the demographic of the group you’re trying to attract.
    • The most popular Les Mills program is BODYPUMP – the original barbell class. This program is a proven crowd puller appealing to men and women of all ages and fitness levels.
    • We recommend BODYPUMP as your first class if you’re just starting out with LES MILLS
    • It’s important to offer members a range of workout options including strength, cardio, cycle, HIIT, flexibility, core, dance and kids workouts.

    What is the LES MILLS VIRTUAL solution?

    • LES MILLS™ Virtual takes our world class content to the big screen.
    • Top Instructors, pumping music, beautifully filmed and constantly refreshed workouts give members a great workout at any time of the day.
    • Offer members the schedule they’ve always wanted by scheduling classes at any time.

    What is LES MILLS+?

    • LES MILLS+ allows members to continue their training wherever they are.
    • Contact us to see how you can offer LES MILLS+ to your members, adding even more value to your membership.

    How can I learn more about running a successful facility?

    • LES MILLS runs webinars and live seminars to educate our partners on various topics that are crucial to running a healthy business.
    • Click here to find the next event near you.

    Who do I speak to and who is my point of contact?

    Get in touch with us any time by clicking ‘Get in touch


    How do I upgrade to the latest version?

    1. Open the App Store on your iPad
    2. Click on the ‘Updates’ icon in the menu
    3. All of your pending updates will be listed – click on the Virtual App icon to download the latest version

    Please note:

    • You need internet access to update the App
    • The App cannot be open and playing when you update it, so make sure you run the update outside of any scheduled classes
    • If you have more than one iPad, you’ll need to update each of them separately

    What is the LES MILLS Virtual Scheduler?

    The LES MILLS Virtual Scheduler lets you create a Group Fitness schedule using Les Mills programs, as well as personalized or custom gym programs.

    Using a mix of virtual and live classes, you can schedule classes via your computer in a studio any time of the day or night.

    I’ve forgotten my username and password

    Your username can be found in your on-boarding email sent by your LES MILLS Customer Experience Manager.

    It can also be found within the Virtual Scheduling tool by navigating to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Club Preferences’.

    If you forget your password, click the 'Forgot password. Reset password' link found within the Virtual scheduler. An email will be sent to your registered email address.

    Make sure you update your new password on all of your Virtual iPads.

    Can I log in to the Virtual App with my temporary password?

    No. Follow the instructions in your 'Welcome to LES MILLS Virtual' email to activate your account and change your temporary password before logging into the App with your username and new password.

    How does Virtual On Demand work in my club?

    Firstly, schedule an On Demand slot via the Virtual scheduling tool on your computer. A minimum of 60 minutes is recommended.

    Alternatively, toggle ‘Always On Demand’ within the App Device Settings to enable On Demand in any slot where a scheduled class does not take place. A member in your club can now scroll to the CLASSES screen on the Virtual iPad and select a class to play.

    Within the CLASSES screen, members can filter by genre, intensity, duration.

    It is also possible for members to select their desired language and subtitle options by clicking on the three dots to the bottom right of the App.

    A play symbol appears in the center of the image for each class.

    Once the member taps the play symbol, there will be a delay of one minute before the class starts to give them time to set up.

    Once the class has commenced, the scrub bar provides options to pause the class.

    Still, need some help? Watch a demo video of how to play an On Demand class from your iPad.

    How do I stop a Virtual class that is currently playing and start a new one?

    1. Click on the padlock on the top right corner of the iPad App. Enter your 4-digit admin code to unlock administrative control
    2. When unlocked, the App will show playback controls for any class that is 'Now Playing' in the bottom right corner of the iPad
    3. Stop the class that is currently playing
    4. Navigate to the 'CLASSES' tab, select a class and click the play button to start

    Is it ever recommended to delete the Virtual App?

    No. This removes all downloaded Virtual content.

    Contact the Virtual support team using our online form, or call one of our local support numbers first. A support representative will advise you on the best solution.

    I have a new iPad and want to remove Virtual off the old one

    1. Log into the Virtual scheduler tool via your desktop at https://uk.lesmillsvirtual.com/virtual/login with your Virtual username and password
    2. Click on the Settings icon and select 'Manage Devices'
    3. To the right you will see options to ‘REMOVE DEVICE’. Click on the option that corresponds to the device you would like to remove
    4. Click the Green button: SAVE CHANGES to process the device unlinking
    5. Once this has processed, it will take 5 minutes for the APP to become ready for connecting/pairing with your new iPad
    6. Log in to the iPad App with your Virtual username and password and select your studio from the list and begin setup