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If you missed the previous Tribe Talk, you can catch up on it here– including that great interview with Glen Ostergaard, and much more.

TRIP Mix 1.0 out now

Check out THE TRIP Mix 1.0 – a mash-up of older tracks in response to the many requests over the past year. The tracks have been carefully selected from TRIP releases 7, 8 and 9 to achieve a cohesive experience with the animation, music and workout structure. The whole release is driven by an excellent playlist that builds the intensity and holds it, with longer endurance blocks mixed with short intense bursts – and the feedback has been fantastic from those participants who have ridden it.

Les Mills filming live in Shanghai

Masterclass filming is going to Shanghai, China, 19 to 21 October this year. The event will take place in the iconic Shanghai Oriental Sports Centres, a world-class venue for culture and sports. Want to join Les Mills and SHAKE SHANGHAI?! Tickets on sale from September 3.

Les Mills Mindfulness arrives

You will see a new carousel on the releases app called LES MILLS MINDFULNESS, which gives you access to beautiful new mindfulness content. These simple, scientifically-backed meditations are all about being in the present, learning to pause and observe, and ultimately help you achieve a state of stillness and clarity that will improve your concentration and productivity, and give you a greater sense of wellbeing. More videos will become available from September 24.

New Release Updates

We can’t wait to launch the latest releases! For a sneak peek at what’s in store for your programs, here.

New Reebok range looking good!

The new range is out there and looking great on you all. Check out your #tribestyle here to see some of the best posts and hottest looks.

Releases App update

August 14 saw a cool new feature added to the music player of the Les Mills Releases App (iOS users only at this stage – Android your time will come very soon!). It’s called “Advanced Playback” and it allows you to add customizable time breaks between each music track – so you can now use your Releases App when teaching live classes! You can also pause playback completely after a track, allowing you as much time as you need to set up your class and equipment for the next track. Keep an eye out for new videos in the Releases App explaining how to use these new features.

Education in the App

Stay up to date with the latest news you can use in the Releases App, including:

  • A new study showing knee pushups are a great alternative for those struggling with the toe version
  • How SH'BAM™ can improve brain function
  • RPM™coaching
  • Classic and athletic moves, and coaching for BODYSTEP™

Les Mills Virtual Bike launches

The Les Mills Virtual Bike launches in the US and UK in October, bringing the benefits of group fitness to the cardio floor – and growing live classes by helping millions of new members fall in love with our amazing cycle programs. Find out more here.

Take the Limitless Challenge

This month, we’ve set a big goal for fans of LES MILLS and Polar – to log a million LES MILLS workouts in Polar Flow. You can help make it happen by talking it up in your classes and logging your own workouts. To enter, people just need to try a new LES MILLS workout, and tell Polar why they deserve to win at The challenge is open to Australia, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and USA.

Now is also the perfect time to save 40% on the price of a Polar A370 – use the exclusive discount code LIMITLESS40, valid for Les Mills Instructors only, between August 9 and September 10. Shop for Polar here: - and remember, a million’s just another number, so help prove just how limitless we all are!

We’re in the news again!

Check out this great interview with Diana Archer Mills in Forbes magazine online, part of our global drive to have Les Mills stories out there for all to see and read.

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