We value the concepts of togetherness, support and respect for our people, whether they are Instructors, Trainers, team members or our customers. So how are we bringing it to life?

As part of our effort to encourage behavior that lives up to our expectations around togetherness, support and respect, we are investing in our Diversity and Inclusion program with initiatives that include:

  • Training for leaders on our values and leadership expectations
  • Training for leaders on Diversity and Inclusion, bullying, harassment and unconscious bias
  • Reviewing our internal policies and agreements
  • Reviewing current processes for reporting and managing complaints

Any team members who feel they are not being treated fairly, or are being harassed by a person representing Les Mills in any way because of their gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age or physical attributes, should report this to peopleandculture@lesmills.com.

You can use the same email address to make comments or suggestions about how we can continue to build a truly respectful and inclusive culture.