When it comes to creating a fitter planet inspiring more people to get physically active is just the beginning. Clean water, fresh air, sustainable food and healthy people – at Les Mills we know that’s the true essence of a fitter planet, and we’re doing all we can to make it happen.

On a mission to plant over a million trees over the next 12 months, Les Mills has teamed up with non-profit Trees for the Future to plant trees and change lives.

From now on, every time a LES MILLS+ member, an Instructor, or a club partner joins us, we will be planting trees on their behalf.

This will help Trees for the Future reach the goal of planting over one billion trees by 2030.

Planting trees is key to halting the effects of climate change. There is robust scientific evidence that reforestation is one of our most effective tools to limit global warming to 1.5°C. There are also societal benefits too. Trees for the Future work with communities on sustainable land use, ensuring the most suitable trees are planted to help grow vibrant economies, thriving food systems and a healthier planet.

Phillip Mills, Les Mills Founder, explains that the need for such action is critical. “We are extremely concerned about the world’s lack of action on climate. Supporting Trees for the Future is one of the most important things we can do to fix the emergency.”

“The Les Mills family has been environmentally active for 40 years, back in 2007 my wife Jackie and I wrote Fighting Globesity to highlight the links between personal health and global sustainability. We are doing what we can to drive powerful change.”

We know that just being in the world – let alone being a global organization – means we’re producing carbon emissions. The more carbon dioxide we pump out into the atmosphere, the more we contribute to the damaging impact climate change is having on our world.

For the past eight years, Les Mills has been measuring and offsetting our business-related carbon emissions footprint. While offsetting the negative is not a solution to the immense challenge of climate change, it's an important step in the right direction. Supporting Trees for the Future is a powerful partnership that helps us shift closer to becoming climate positive.

Trees for the Future is working in Sub-Saharan Africa with some of our world's most vulnerable communities – they're changing lives and ecosystems, and our planet will be fitter because of it.

Learn more about our work with Trees for the Future.

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