Dan Cohen

He’s a committed family man and true fitness professional who pulls out lightning fast punches and long-held hovers as he leads, motivates and engages exercisers across the planet. Here’s where you can learn about Dan Cohen’s healthy, positive outlook.

Dan Cohen wasn’t always planning on a career in fitness. As an 18-year-old he was eyeing up a job on the oil rigs, but he literally missed the boat – the job ran in 6-week cycles and the timing was all out. While waiting for the next intake he started an exercise-to-music course, this quickly led to personal training and further courses in strength and conditioning. It was soon very clear fitness was his calling.

After picking up experience teaching every type of group fitness workout under the sun, in 1998 Dan joined the Les Mills International Trainer team, traveling to places like Japan, Portugal and Germany to train and motivate new instructors. In 2003 secured the role of BODYCOMBAT™ co-program director and relocated to New Zealand. In 2011 he added the role of
CXWORX™ program director into the mix.

These days Dan applies his creativity and fitness expertise to shape new BODYCOMBAT and CXWORX workouts every three months. In between creating the new releases he mentors and coaches instructors from around the globe, speaks at industry events, and of course, spends time at home with his young family.

What you might not know about Dan

Dan is extremely passionate about personal growth and development. He often attends courses on coaching mindset, future thinking and thought leadership and has recently completed training in the areas of leadership development and neuro-linguistic programming. He enjoys any opportunity to share his knowledge by speaking on the topics of motivational leadership.

Dan’s other interests include playing the ukulele and primal cooking, which involves cooking on hot rocks in outside ovens.

For many years Dan trained twice a day and prepped and ate 5-6 meals a day. Now, having become a daddy, he’s learned the importance of balancing fitness and family. And this is his at-home workouts come in. He has set up a home-gym so he can train close to family, and has also become a fan of LES MILLS On Demand.

“LES MILLS On Demand, is life-changing. I use the Chromecast feature to play it on my TV. I’ll pretty much do all of our programs; LES MILLS SPRINT, RPM, BODYSTEP, LES MILLS GRIT, BODYPUMP… I’ve even given LES MILLS BARRE a go several times! I really believe in our classes and they just keep on getting better.”

Follow Dan at: instagram.com/officialdancohen/

If you’re keen to experience a workout developed by Dan give BODYCOMBAT or CXWORX a go.


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