Head Trainer talks about her Team

We caught up with Head Trainer, Sarah Durnford, to find out how the Trainer Team makes sure they are at the top of their game in giving you the best support and training possible.

Hey Sarah! So how many Trainers do we have in Les Mills UK? What do they do exactly?

We have almost 100 Trainers and Presenters in the UK. They train, educate, up skill and inspire our whole Instructor tribe to be the very best they can be. We are here to support you.

Instructors are looking to continually learn, always striving to be the best they can. How does the Trainer Team ensure they continue to develop?

Every Trainer or Presenter on the team has their very own Development Coach and Regional Training Coordinator who they work with. Like all Instructors, they receive feedback. For them it’s on their delivery of masterclasses, education and teaching skills on modules. This is ongoing throughout the year. Each year a Trainer Summit is held for all European Trainers by Les Mills International. This lasts for 4 days and is dedicated to training, educating and inspiring all Trainers throughout Europe. They work with Jackie and Phillip Mills along with all of the Programme Directors to improve and to stay up to date with the most recent work and research happening in the Les Mills and group exercise space. The next one is taking place in June.

Has this always been the case for the Trainer Team?

Our approach has certainly changed in the last 5 years. Now, our focus is very much on developing the best Trainer Team possible so that they can assist and inspire all Instructors to achieve greatness! Our style of education and delivery is always focused on the positive; how we can create the safest, most effective learning environment through our content, language, and interactions all with the aim of supporting the individual Instructor. All Trainers have to achieve a nationally recognised certificate in teacher training or assessing.

What are Regional Training Coordinators and how can they help Instructors?

We have 8 Regional Training Coordinators placed in different regions across the country, their role is to support and engage with Instructors and clubs in their region, and develop their regional Trainer team.

How do you get discovered as a trainer?

Complete the whole Instructor journey through to AIM 2 and gain Elite status. Engage and connect with the Trainer and Presenter Team. We look out for potential Trainers and Presenters within the Instructor Tribe and send invitations to audition. Then you may be invited to Bootcamp. You could be invited by me, or recommended by another member of the team.

Meet some of the Trainers by clicking on their names below:

You can meet to some of our trainers here: Tommy, Jess, Lyndsey, Lauren, Denice and Marc

Thanks Sarah, if you want to know more about the Trainer Team, as always post a questions on the Instructor Facebook group and the Trainers will do their best to respond.