Top tips for submitting your assessment video and beyond

Hussein recently passed Initial Module Training, kudos to him! Now it's time to submit that assessment video, with 8 weeks to go it might seem a little daunting. We caught up with Hussein who was given loads of advice about how to get it done on his module last weekend.

Submitting my assessment video

I passed Initial Module Training. Wahoo! And now its onto submitting my assessment video. I have 8 weeks to get it done. It sounds scary but but last weekend, we were given loads of advice about how to get it done. I’m still a bit nervous, but for those of you thinking about doing it, I’ve summed up some of the advice I was given.

  1. Practice practice practice.

I plan to attend as many LES MILLS GRIT™ classes as I can so I know my tracks inside out. I am currently learning two tracks per week by watching the masterclass video and taking notes from the choreography.

  1. Teach Team

I plan to reach out to my local Tribe Coach who can put me in touch with other Instructors in the area. I really want to teach team so I can learn from other Instructors, as well as get some practice under my belt. Its less scary when you’ve got someone doing it with you, and I hope to get more confidence. I’m lucky because there are lots of other Instructors around the Les Mills office I can chat to, and lots of willing participants to get involved! You can see the Tribe Coaches in your area here.

  1. Get your check list ready

I’ve been told that you need to follow a few guidelines:

  • Film from a 45-degree angle
  • Make sure your whole body and equipment can ben seem
  • Check music and sound beforehand
  • Scan the room with the camera to show participants

It sounds pretty clear, right?

  1. Prepare as soon as possible

While the training is still fresh in my mind I plan to start putting what I learnt into practice immediately. Well, after 1 day off. It was an entire weekend of burpees and press ups after all!

  1. Join the Les Mills Facebook group

There’s a whole Tribe of Instructors out there ready to offer their guidance. If you put a question out into the group, you’re usually met with lots of friendly answers. Potential Instructors can join here.