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    Go full cycle with your studio

    Right now, most cycle studios sit empty 80% of the day. Yours might be one of them. With only two or three cycle classes a day, you could be missing out on up to US $180,000 a year in revenue. Give your members more options to ride and you can drive more value from your cycle studio.

    While cycle studios sit empty in traditional facilities, cycle boutiques are taking potential business, running close to capacity and attracting thousands of customers who pay premium prices. They earn more than twice as much per month per member.

    So how do they keep their studios full?

    Driving the appeal of boutiques, especially for millennials (aged 18-34), is sophisticated marketing and exceptional experiences. They’re winning customers, fast. In the US, 42% of fitness facility members in attend a boutique - double the numbers from 2014.

    Your business can survive the trend. We can help you maximize the utilization of your cycle studio by adding HIIT, virtual and IMMERSIVE FITNESSclasses backed by the appeal of the LES MILLS brand. It’s time to shift gear, become more competitive and win back market share.

    Meet their needs

    LES MILLS cycle programs can answer four consumer needs:


    LES MILLS SPRINT™ is 30 minutes of HIIT, proven to give fast results

    • Participants can push themselves to achieve more
    • An effective, quick workout for time-poor members
    • Shorter classes increases studio capacity

    Learn more


    THE TRIP™ is an immersive and innovative 40 minute workout

    • Pushes the body and the mind further
    • A unique ride experience - lose yourself in the workout
    • Revolutionary audio-visual technology - the future of fitness

    Learn more

    3. FITNESS

    RPM™ is a tried and tested cardio workout that gets you fit fast

    • The ideal onboarding program for group fitness
    • Pack performance - ride with the group
    • Improve at your own pace through adjustable resistance

    Learn more


    RPM Virtual is the virtual format of the live RPM program

    • Improve at your own pace through adjustable resistance
    • A low cost/low pain way to triple your schedule capacity
    • Offers members access to motivating cycling workouts any time

    Learn more

    Transform your cycle studio

    With a few simple changes, you can transform what you offer your members and put all the benefits of a LES MILLS partnership to work for you:

    1. Give exercise and programming prescription at point of sale

    2. Deliver scientific programming

    3. Use experiential technology

    4. Offer and promote complementary programs

    You have a lot to deliver for your members already. Do you also have the time, money and energy to build an in-demand cycling brand and produce world-class, research-backed programs?

    Partnering with us means you don’t have to. We've got the resources, insights and programs you need to keep your cycle studio full. We blend music, exercise and science to help people fall in love with fitness.

    Our cutting edge programs raise the bar thanks to a global team of creative directors, university researchers, doctors, sports scientists and music professionals. We refresh the music and moves in all our workouts every three months to stay ahead of the game and provide your members with optimal motivation and results.

    Draw on our studio expertise

    We know cycle studios. We can draw on years of international experience to help you choose the right studio design, sound, screens, lights, technology and bikes.

    We can provide everything you need to create a visually appealing cycle studio too, including high definition imagery and video content for a virtual platform.

    Crank up your brand and marketing

    All of our programs are backed by strong, professionally marketed brands and all associated resources to build demand for your improved cycle offering.

    As with all LES MILLS programs, we’ll provide you with resources to educate, excite and engage your members through all steps of your customer experience journey.

    Learn more about our marketing support here.

    Ready to spark a revolution in your business? Talk to us today about how we can help you transform your offering and drive more value from your cycle studio.

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