Les Mills and BSDI Provide Virtual Fitness Solution for Corporate Wellness

Group fitness leader Les Mills and award-winning technology creator BSDI are joining forces to deliver a comprehensive Virtual Fitness Center (VFC) for use by corporate, hospital, government and community programs.

Known worldwide for their engaging, scientifically validated approach to group fitness, Les Mills' suite of high-quality fitness and mindfulness classes form the cornerstone of the VFC. BSDI builds on this foundation with modules for virtual check-in, appointment scheduling, team/individual competitions and a comprehensive suite of logging tools. This powerful combination lets our clients accelerate their population health programs into the future.

"I have long admired Les Mills' research-based approach to group fitness and personal development. When I had a chance to meet their team, I was thrilled to see that we had a common vision of the future of fitness and health in a post-COVID world. This is truly a case of the whole being more than the sum of its parts," said Dr. Mark Brittingham, President and CEO, BSDI.

"Les Mills is constantly seeking to innovate and bring the best in fitness content to a wider audience, which is why we are so excited to partner with BSDI. This partnership leverages expertise from both Les Mills and BSDI, accelerating and enhancing the way we deliver digital health and fitness solutions for our Corporate Partners. We look forward to further expanding our reach into these exciting new sectors, together," said Sean Turner, CEO, Les Mills US

Visit bsdiweb.com to learn how Motivation Alliance can help you create an engaging wellness or fitness program that supports your culture of wellbeing.

About BSDI

For 30 years, BSDI has been a trusted provider of wellness platform technologies to employers, hospitals, universities and government entities. Our flagship platform, Motivation Alliance, powers fitness and wellness programs that cultivate daily lifestyle habits to improve population health. With the most flexible, scalable, and secure platform in the industry, BSDI’s all-in-one, mobile friendly, white labelled, wellness platform helps its customers create revolutionary wellness programs through true customization and real engagement. With the ability to turn features on and off as needed, you have the power to make your program as simple or sophisticated as the culture of your organization demands. For more information, visit bsdiweb.com, or call 908-832-2691.

About Les Mills

A global leader in fitness programming, Les Mills has been providing people with innovative ways to exercise for over 50 years. Offering more than twenty different science-backed workouts, ranging from the strength & weights-focused BODYPUMP® class to the high-intensity interval training of LES MILLS GRITä, Les Mills helps millions of people fall in love with fitness every week in over 20,000 locations across 110 countries, through in-facility workouts, at-home fitness solutions, digital content and more. For additional information, visit: lesmills.com/us

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