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All you need to know about your assessment

Instructor Certification

Once you've successfully completed your basic training your next step is to become certified. Within three months from the training date, you will need to submit a film of yourself teaching a class. 

Click here >> to submit your Certification Video. Once your video has been successfully uploaded you will receive your feedback within 14 days. Your feedback will then be visible in the Instructor Portal.

Filming Tips and Advice

  1. Your total filming time should not exceed the programs total time. Meaning, a BODYPUMP® class is no longer than 60 minutes, CXWORX® and GRIT® are 30 minutes and SH'BAM® is 45 minutes. The total time should be enough for intro, pauses and instructions between the tracks.
  2. Your license video should be filmed in one take. Do not pause the camera during the class.
  3. Set your camera in an angle of 45° i.e. diagonally from the front. This will help the assessor to see your technique.
  4. Teach in an outfit that is in the essence of the program. For example BODYPUMP® and CXWORX® where the outfit should be skintight so that the assessor (and the group) can easily see all angles of your body.
  5. Your voice and the music should be heard clearly. Also, keep the studio lights switched on during the entire class.
  6. It is important that your entire body is visible during the filming. The participants should not stand in front of you or cover parts of your body in the video. Set the zoom on your recording device so that your facial expressions are visible and do not film too far away. If you filmed from a far distance it could be hard for the assessor to see your technique and you could be asked to film again.


You must obtain a passing grade in these areas to become a certified instructor


The following tools will help you further develop your skills as an instructor
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