Will you be our next SUPERSTAR?

As a Les Mills Instructor you have the power to inspire others and change lives through fitness. We know that it takes a lot of passion, enthusiasm, and drive to deliver your classes and inspire people to come back for more. This is something that we want to see more of when we are looking for a new SUPERSTAR for 2021. Is it you we are looking for? Or do you know a great Instructor that you think is a true SUPERSTAR?

Don’t hesitate to send your application or secretly nominate your favorite Instructor to this year’s competition.

  • Apply to SUPERSTAR by sending us a video of you presenting one track from your program of choice
  • A jury of experienced Les Mills Nordic Trainers & Presenters will select the finalists
  • The final will be a live event in Stockholm 4th of December 2021


Registration is open 12-24 of October

  • The maximum time for your video is 4 minutes
  • If you compete in BODYJAM® make sure to choose a learning track
  • You compete in the same program during the competition
  • All presentations must be in English
  • You can’t apply in LES MILLS SPRINT™, RPM®, THE TRIP™ or BORN TO MOVE®.

Find our FAQ regarding your application and participation at the bottom of the page.


To register for this year's SUPERSTAR complete the following 2 steps.

Step 1: Email us

  • a photo of yourself
  • a brief presentation of yourself
  • a motivation for why we should choose you.

Send this to: lmn.superstar@lesmills.com

Step 2: Send us your video

  • a video of you presenting the track in English

* If you have participants in your video make sure to ask for their permission.

Upload your video to https://transfer.pcloud.com/. Include your full name and SUPERSTAR 2021, send it to lmn.superstar@lesmills.com

How to secretly nominate your favorite Instructor

Nominate your favorite Instructor by sending us an email.

Don’t forget to include the full name of the instructor.

Registration is open 12-24 of October.

The winner of SUPERSTAR 2021

The Nordic winner will receive

  • Voucher from Reebok
  • Products from Polar
  • Products from Stadium
  • Products from Nocco
  • SMART TECH™ Equipment
  • Teach at an upcoming event.

Enhance your performance

Make sure that you have the right equipment to practice for the competition.

Working out with SMART TECH equipment means better results in a shorter time. Increase muscle activation, maximize workouts, and enhance performance.

Advanced Training

You will learn how to become a Group Fitness leader, how to be grounded in the essence of your program, and how to enhance the workout experience for your participants. And, most importantly, you will have a renewed sense of pleasure and satisfaction from teaching.

For a Fitter Planet Podcast

Get inspired by two previous winners and a long-time jury member. Listen in to our SUPERSTAR episode of the Les Mills Nordic Podcast to get the best tips for your application.


Will there be auditions?

This year your application video is your audition.

How soon after my application will I get to know if I was accepted?

We will announce and contact the finalists the week commencing the 15th of November.

If I make it to the final, what's next?

You will get all the details regarding the final once excepted.
You must be present in Stockholm, Sweden on the 4th of December for the final.

When will the location for the final be announced?

We will announce the venue closer to the final, it will be in Stockholm.

Will I get feedback on my presentation?

As a finalist, you will receive feedback on your presentations before the final. A great opportunity for everyone to receive feedback is Advanced Training.

What track and release can I teach?

You can choose your favorite track from your favorite release.
*if you teach BODYJAM make sure to choose a learning track.

My track is more than 4 minutes, is that OK?

The music to the track of your choice can be longer than 4 minutes. Your video must be at a maximum of 4 minutes.

Can I apply in several programs?

Choose your favorite program and apply with that specific program.

What's up with COVID-19?

We closely monitor the situation of COVID-19 and follow the local restrictions and guidelines.


If you have questions regarding this year's edition of Les Mills Nordic SUPERSTAR please contact lmn.superstar@lesmills.com


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