Inspiring young people to fall in love with physical activity.


Designed to nurture a life-long love of physical activity, BORN TO MOVE® helps children experience the joy and vitality of moving to music.

Each session feeds young people’s natural appetite for action, movement and play – and lets them enjoy the energy, confidence, good health and increased ability that goes with it.

Optimized for core developmental stages, BORN TO MOVE features programming for children aged 2-5 and 6-16.

Early Years (ages 2-5)

Created exclusively for young children, BORN TO MOVE Early Years is focused on supporting imaginative, exploratory movement that’s fun and full of energy.

School Years (ages 6-16)

Designed for children and teenagers, BORN TO MOVE School Years is all about empowerment and inclusion. Children learn foundation movement skills, improve fitness and build their confidence and self-expression.

“The early and school years of life are a critical window to form positive habits. That’s why we’ve developed BORN TO MOVE. We want to instil a love of being active in children so they can grow into active, healthy and happy adults.”

Dr. Jackie Mills MD, Les Mills Chief Creative Officer.


To offer kids more variation and ways to get inspired to move we've created a digital Platform for pre-schools and schools. The platform is easy for teachers to use and covers the age groups of 4-16 years.

Can be used as a complement to physical education, movement breaks in class, indoors, outdoors - only limited by your creativity!

A playful adventure for the younger kids and a mix of movement categories for the older!



Make it fun

Fun is the number one priority for every child and in these classes, it is FUNdamental – from the music and moves to the style of teaching!

Make me feel like I belong

All too often kids’ sports are competitive and can be non-inclusive which may discourage participation. BORN TO MOVE features activities and teachers focused on nurturing a real sense of inclusion and achievement, so everyone feels they belong.

Make it right for my age and stage

Co-created with young people, BORN TO MOVE use music kids love, moves they can easily master, and explanations that make sense to them. They learn core building block skills that have been expertly approved to align with stages of development.

Give me a sense of achievement

Every session grows confidence as young people experience the thrill of mastering new skills and enjoy a sense of collective completion.

Keep me physically & emotionally safe

All the moves are pre-tested to ensure they push young people to experience the full extent of their ability while being safe for their age group.

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Camphushallen Ebbepark - Alingsås, Sweden
Endorfin Alingsås - Alingsås, Sweden
Eriksdalsbadet - Stockholm, Sweden
Filborna Arena - Helsingborg, Sweden
Fysiomotion - Ylivieska, Finland
Hälsokompaniet - Arvika, Finland
Hälsomagasinet Motion & Rehab AB - Nyköping, Sweden
Hälsoplaneten - Luleå, Sweden
Jæren Sportssenter - Nærbø, Norway
Lillåns Södra skola - Örebro, Sweden
Medley - Sweden
Norrtälje Träningscenter - Norrtälje, Sweden
Olympen - Stockholm, Sweden
Puls Arena - Skövde, Sweden
Roslagens Träningsverk - Östhammar, Sweden
Styrkan - Hagfors, Sweden
TRÄNA Ljungby - Ljungby, Sweden
Träningsbruket - Broby, Sweden
Träningscentret Enerqi - Kiruna, Sweden
WD Wellness - Vansbro, Sweden
Wellness Studio - Sweden

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