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    BODYSTEP is a fun, energetic and versatile workout that offers something for everyone!

    Les Mills Nordic

    We talked about BODYSTEP® with Les Mills Nordic Trainer Hanne Vilpponen. Hanne will be presenting BODYSTEP in Poland where it is launching in early June at the EU4YA convention that is expected to be attended by hundreds of trainers and instructors from all over the country. Hanne also regularly teaches BODYSTEP classes in Helsinki, Finland.

    “At the club where I have my own classes, we started out with 2 classes per week in the schedule and just recently increased the number of classes to double that. The customers who come to my classes are anywhere between 18 and 60 years old. BODYSTEP may seem challenging at first, and a good guideline for members is to try the class at least five times and only then decide whether they will keep coming regularly.”

    “The steps of the class are simple and the "flava" is mostly added with upper body and hand moves. You can also skip the hands and just concentrate on the legs in the beginning. All in all, the class is quite athletic but can also be done completely without jumps. During the classes, we instruct the members verbally and talk to the same rhythm as the movements of the legs. Whenever there is a new move, we use a lot of verbal instructions, which makes the steps easier for beginners. The instructors’ job is also to spot newcomers and make sure to give a lot of options as well as increase the number of verbal instructions.”

    “BODYSTEP, despite the challenging nature, is the kind of class where you don't really notice how challenging or hard the workout really is because the focus is on having fun and enjoying the class. The class is strongly inclusive, which means that we want everyone to be able to experience a sense of success and have fun. In BODYSTEP we don’t take the workout or ourselves too seriously rather we are free to express ourselves and have a good time. The essence of the BODYSTEP program is to be liberated & alive and that it truly offers. From a fitness club perspective, the BODYSTEP offers a truly versatile class for the members and the joy of movement at its best. The class has many different options for experienced trainers and for newcomers as well.”

    Hanne also talked about the importance of quality equipment used in BODYSTEP classes. Les Mills has developed a Smartstep™ (part of the Smart tech™ equipment range) that is optimized specifically for group exercise. Its adjustable heights are optimal for BODYSTEP for a safe and efficient class.

    “During the class, we aim to keep the feet hip-width apart and the Smartstep allows us to do so safely.” The Smart tech range of equipment also includes weight plates, smartbar, resistance band and mat. Quality equipment means happy members that stay with you for longer.

    BODYSTEP has been created to offer lots of options to choose from very challenging, to lower intensity options. The steps and choreography in the class are simple to follow and the class is loved by a wide range of members. The equipment needed for this workout is a good quality step board, the height of which can be adjusted to change the intensity of the workout. BODYSTEP classes are available in 30, 45, and 55-minute versions.