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    Making your success our business

    It takes experience and expertise to build a successful group fitness program. Partnering with Les Mills, the world leader, makes everything simple


    The evidence is irrefutable: group exercise has a huge impact on member retention at health clubs. It drives passion and loyalty among members the world over. It boosts attendance and member satisfaction.

    But only if you get it right.

    And that’s easier said than done: there’s a real art to designing and executing the perfect group fitness program. Clubs that choose to go it alone will soon realise it goes far beyond creating great classes; they will have a steep learning curve ahead of them.

    That’s not to say you can’t succeed on your own, but the road will likely be long and bumpy. That’s why hundreds of clubs around the world have taken an alternative approach: partnering with a global expert as a way of avoiding potential pitfalls and immediately implementing a tried-and-tested program based on decades of experience.

    That partner is, of course, Les Mills.

    Group Fitness helps members fall in love with your club

    Members who attend Group Fitness stay with their club 22% longer. Get more stats in our 2019 Global Survey.

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    A full support package

    When people think of Les Mills, the first thing to come into mind will no doubt be our highly successful classes – classes such as BODYPUMP, GRIT and RPM that have become consumer brands in their own right.

    What you might not immediately realise is that our workouts are only part of the picture.

    Every single one of our customers also benefits from a 360° support package designed to help them build stronger relationships with their members – and with it boost customer retention.

    That support package includes access to specialized fitness industry consultants who can work with you to help you achieve your business goals. Our step-by-step guides offer all the advice you need to effectively implement our group exercise programs. And our management tools and education provide invaluable insights that will give your business the competitive edge.

    Workouts that work

    But of course programming lies at the very heart of what we do.

    This is an area in which we continually raise the bar, developing new ways to keep members hooked and progressing each time we release fresh music and choreography – something we do every 90 days for every one of our programs.

    Results are fundamental to the Les Mills philosophy: we aim to deliver the most effective workouts on the market. All our programs are rooted in sports science, created by a global development team that includes researchers, doctors and sports scientists alongside our creative directors and music professionals.

    With 20 different LES MILLS programs on offer – encompassing a wide range of exercise styles including HIIT, youth and virtual programming solutions – you’ll find something to inspire, engage and motivate your members whatever their age, interests or goals.

    The power of motivational marketing

    But you can’t just schedule good classes and assume members will attend – you have to tell them why they should be doing those classes. You have to market your class offering.

    Once again, partnering with Les Mills takes all the pain away from the operator.

    As soon as you partner with us, we help get you up and running with a marketing start-up kit, including acquisition and retention tools that will help you build relationships with your members.

    You’re also given 24/7 online access to our library of world-leading marketing resources: high quality, ready to use promotional materials that will help you create a buzz around group fitness in your club.

    These include regular campaigns promoting our programs, as well as a new club-focused campaign every 90 days to keep your instructors and members inspired and motivated.

    Top instructor talent

    We work with over 130,000 instructors around the world and pride ourselves on their passion, enthusiasm, professionalism and attention to detail.

    This is the ethos we bring to all of our partnerships, providing a complete training solution for your instructors. They’re given access to cutting-edge programs, quarterly education and instructor workshops to keep them at the top of their game. We coach them on keeping members motivated and offer advanced training to ensure they deliver the highest quality classes to your members.

    It’s fair to say that when you partner with us, we make your success our business.

    Ready for success? Get in touch now.


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