International Women's Day 2023 Inspiring Women of Les Mills Nordic

International Women’s Day 2023 encourages us to imagine a gender-equal world. We asked four women of Les Mills Nordic about diversity, inclusion, equity, and their message on International Women’s Day. These ladies are living proof of resilience, strength, inspiration, and leading with passion and example.

Claudia Kupferschmidt de la Mau

Claudia Kupferschmidt de la Mau – aka the crazy dane. Claudia is a Les Mills Trainer & Presenter and marketing guru.

How do you value and support diversity and inclusion?

As a woman of ethnic representation, I value diversity and inclusion in so many ways. My mom is from the Middle East and my dad is from South America. So even though I’m Danish born and raised, that means I don’t always feel welcome in companies, brands, and places, if the culture isn’t diverse and including. Having a culture that’s “open-hearted” isn’t enough.
It's the same for genders. It’s about creating a world, where everyone has opportunities. To get there it takes action. And then hopefully one day it will be natural.
I grew up alone with my mom. She worked 1½ jobs to provide for us. We didn’t have much, but we never missed anything. She taught me that I could be anything I ever wanted to be, and do anything I ever wanted to do, as long as we’re willing to put in the work for it. And say no to anything that harms us. This is probably the most valuable life lesson and I try to live by it every day.

What is your International Women’s Day message?

My message is: Our work isn’t done. We need to keep working for a better world, where diversity and inclusion aren’t just on the agenda but have clear actions and impacts. Make being a woman your superpower! We as women deserve not just equality but equity, and so do all people, no matter who they are, where they come from, their gender, religion, or sexual orientation.

Kira Tiivola

Kira Tiivola -aka Kipa. Kipa is a viking powerhouse of a woman, a Les Mills Trainer, Mental Coach and PT.

The theme for International Women’s Day in 2023 is #Embrace Equity. What does embracing equity mean to you?

Embracing equity to me means that we are all under the same sun: no one is more important than the other, and we all matter. It is important to internalize that each person has different circumstances from which we endeavor. It is essential to strive to create and allocate the resources and opportunities needed so that everyone has the opportunity to achieve an equal outcome.

What is your International Women’s Day message?

Happy Women's Day to all the incredible women! You are special, unique, and meaningful. Shine on – not just today but every day!

Elin Hellström

Elin Hellström – always in motion and challenging herself, Elin is the Head Trainer at Les Mills Nordic.

Is there a particular woman who has inspired you or been a role model for you?

My mother. She is the most positive person I have met. To be honest, I didn’t enjoy it all the time as a teenager however, she has helped me to always see the positive side of everything which I believe helps me not to judge, to be open-minded, and to have an inclusive mindset. I am also sure that her positivity helped her survive a very bad brain aneurysm.

The theme for International Women’s Day in 2023 is #Embrace Equity. What does embracing equity mean to you?

Love this and this as such a great opportunity to really ask yourself and self-assess how you are embracing it or not. For me it is about how we show up with an inclusive mindset and how we can provide different support and encouragement to enhance equity.

Natalia Litwiniuk

Natalia Litwiniuk – Les Mills Trainer and Presenter, a dedicated fitness professional who knows that dancing makes you happy, body and soul.

What is your International Women’s Day message?

We must be persistent, and believe in ourselves, above all. We must be sure that we have a specific talent. To embrace equity means one size does not fit all. To acknowledge there isn't always a level playing field. We have different backgrounds and experiences that must be taken into consideration when determining the unique resources and support each of us needs to succeed.

Is there a particular woman who has inspired you or been a role model for you?

I think of the women who have taught me about respect, compassion, honesty, and humility - and without knowing it made such an incredible difference to the lives of others.