Les Mills has been a music company for over 30 years and we know what moves our people. In 2020, it’s going to be easier than ever for you and your members to stay connected to exactly what the music team are listening to and considering for future releases.

How often do you have a member come up to you at the end of a class and say, “What was that track you just played? I absolutely love it!”

I know that for me, it happens at least a few times every quarter, and I usually end up showing my phone to the member so they can take a photo of said tune. The exciting news for 2020 is that, next time someone tells you how much they love the music you use, you can suggest that they follow Les Mills Music on Spotify (as well as showing them your phone so they can take a photo of the track, obvs).

So what’s going on with Les Mills Music?

1. Les Mills Music is now on Spotify

We have created a special account of what the creative teams at Les Mills International are loving right now. You will definitely want to follow this playlist for first listen of songs that might be popping up in future releases!

2. Les Mills Artist Program

Les Mills Music (LMM) has a brand new initiative called the Les Mills Artist (LMA) program. In a nutshell, we are partnering with artists to produce music especially designed for our programs.

So why is this a good thing? Well, as you know, all of our releases start with the music. And it can be a real challenge to find exactly the right song that will work for the program. The creative team tell me that there are lots of songs they would love to use, but sometimes there isn’t enough contrast or highs and lows in the track to make it work for an exercise class. The advantage of working directly with the artists is that they will be able to create music that feels perfect for that Squat track or Sun Salutations. Keep an eye out for “LMAs” in the track lists – you’ll know that those songs have been especially designed for our programs.

Glen Ostergaard Featured Playlist

We saved the best news til last: the Les Mills Music Spotify account will be featuring guest playlists from all your favorite Program Directors and presenters, kicking off with Glen Ostergaard’s top ten songs for BODYPUMP™!

Follow Les Mills Music on Spotify and check out Glen’s top 10 BODYPUMP tracks.