A group training program that is fun, versatile, and effective. All that and more can be said about Les Mills TONE®. It is an optimal mix of strength, cardio, and core training. We stepped into a Les Mills TONE class through the eyes of two instructors to find out a bit more of this super fun, easy yet challenging workout.

Kimi Holm – Les Mills TONE® Trainer

Kimi Holm is in the Les Mills Nordic Trainer team and he educates new Les Mills TONE® instructors in both live and online educations. He has been teaching Les Mills TONE since the launch of the program and has enjoyed seeing the development firsthand.

“A positive aspect of Les Mills TONE is that it includes a little bit of everything. The program is very versatile and functional including strength training, cardio, core as well as balance elements. I love jumping into new projects and when I started teaching Les Mills TONE, it was new and there was really nothing like it. The versatility of the classes was one factor that drew me to it. Les Mills TONE is loved among instructors as it can be easily adapted to the participants. There are a large variety of options for the participants to choose from. The options are fresh, exceptionally fun, and versatile.”

Les Mills Trainer Kimi Holm

“The class participants are aged anywhere from young adults to middle-age. As the classes are designed with lots of options, the classes also attract participants from all age groups and fitness levels. In Les Mills TONE we train to be fit and healthy for longer, so we are really training for longevity. Les Mills TONE brings an excellent addition to any Fitness Club schedule and can be placed for example in the cardio and core program categories. Each new release brings with it an innovation and that is always exciting. The moves we do in the class are so functional, fun and challenge the core and coordination.”

Kimi is looking forward to educating new Les Mills TONE instructors. Head over to Les Mills - Initial Training to find out when the next education is happening near you!

Yasmin Runo is a Les Mills TONE instructor among other programs and she is also the Manager at SSIF Fitness Club, located near to the University of Stockholm. She was introduced to Les Mills TONE about 4 years ago. As the manager of the SSIF Club her job is to know what type of classes and instructors the members need to stay motivated and keep coming to the club. Les Mills TONE was one of her favorite programs and is suitable for so many different members. Yasmin booked herself for the Initial Training and became one of the instructors as well. She was a perfect addition as she could always jump in if one of their instructors was sick or unable to keep the class. By time Les Mills TONE became her favorite program to teach.

“I love everything in it really, the fact that you have a lot of cardio but not too much cardio, as well as strength and it is a perfect mix of everything, and you never get bored as it so versatile. We have 4 classes per week, all in different times. The lunch time classes in Stockholm are very popular. Les Mills TONE is always 45 minutes, so it is a good lunchtime class. The members are in and out of the club within an hour. The club is right next to Stockholm University, so the lunch time is our peak time at the club. We have a strong instructor team of 5 instructors. The interest in Les Mills TONE was so high that by time we built our instructor team a bit bigger. The age group of participants is very wide. Our members typically join at about 19 years old when they start University, and we also have a large group of members who are older and just want to stay active. What’s great is that all the age groups choose to train Les Mills TONE.”

Les Mills Instructor Yasmin Runo

“Every time the new releases come out, we have events and a marketing push to keep the good feeling that we have in the classes. Les Mills TONE is for anyone from beginners to advanced. A lot of people are coming back to the clubs now after a long break, and they come up to the instructor to ask for options. It is very easy to adapt different moves in the class and the instructor can really tailor it to suit the participants.”

In Les Mills TONE we use weight plates in some movements during the classes. We have the Les Mills SMART TECH™ equipment at the club and we believe having high-quality equipment also makes the members happy. I personally feel like the weight plates sit just perfectly on the hands and become like an extension of your arm, and you don’t feel like you are holding anything there at all.”

“It is worth mentioning that having Les Mills TONE® has brought us new members to the gym, as has our wonderful instructor team.”