Check out what’s in store for you and your members in the next releases.


Release 106 is simple, athletic, fun, and challenging! You will love the sounds of Ariana Grande in Mixed Impact Training, which includes a Side Step Combo to develop athleticism. Track 3 offers the choice to include a Pivot Turn to add fun for your members – if it’s right for your class. Track 4 is all about driving high with vertical jumps and big lateral movements, you will feel the burn for days afterwards! The highlight of this release is Interval Training, which is all about sharing the movement and emotion of the song with your members.


Release 86 offers an amazing musical journey matched with simple choreography and transitions. This means we have more time to enjoy and explore the poses while allowing us to use silence… and breathe. This release brings you a yoga warmup that will gently wake up the breath and the body. If you have a full hour class, it can be done as an additional warmup just before the Tai Chi track. These two warmup tracks combined are so good for the body and mind, too. Six rounds of simple athletic Sun Salutation allow our class participants to have plenty of time to get into the flow, familiarise and immerse themselves them in the sequence. The highlight track would have to be Balance track… to take your participants into their hearts and bodies. Two Track 5s: Forgive You and Company, with different variations to explore hips/quads stretch and alternating in between isometric and passive stretching technique to deepen the stretch around the groin and adductors. Don’t be fooled by the short, fun and simple Core track Your Love Keeps Lifting me – it’s tough! Core Back involves a series of moves to help strengthen the postural muscles and mobilize the spine to the sounds of Safe. This release finishes with beautiful sequence of twisting to nourish the spine and piriformis, and simple hamstrings/forward bend to All Fired Up to wind down our bodies before entering the quiet space in the Relaxation/Meditation.


Jumping progressive decoys, jump kicks and the return of the superman punch are just some of the early features and standout moments of this release. Jumping Shields, a split room challenge, is the perfect back half to such a fun and exciting workout. Power Striking is key in release 81; power hooks, power upper-cuts, power knees all help keep the workout simple and yet incredibly effective.


This is BODYJAM 90 and because it’s the first release of our 90’s, the playlist is all about the 90s! Motownphilly begins the class with full 90s, before Sicko Mode (Skrillex Remix) really changes the direction to something so freakin’ bouncy, your local trampoline park will be jealous. Track 3 is this massive rock anthem that the whole world knows, called Come Out And Play. It’s simple, sassy and aggressive, and everything you want in a Track 3. Our Hip Hop block is full of style with Go Off from M.I.A. Other bangers are Nice For What by Drake, then this huge, droppy drop called Si Si Si.

Bring the heart-rate down with even more gorgeous Drake, before the second half gets bonkers. Ratata has such a cool drop with fancy, swizzly hand-lines to match, and then IGD, which possibly has the biggest drop ever. A massive combination of Blasterjaxx, the song This Ain’t Techno by David Guetta and’ Tom Staar brings the class to a glorious end in true Jam fashion. BODYJAM 90 is going to smash it in your studio.


This release offers a real training feel and plenty of new innovations. At the end of the squat track we have heavy plate front squats with calf raises a great way to blast the legs and work the calves! In the chest track we have a plyometric pushup option this will recruit more muscle fibers, especially the fast twitch fibers which are strength builders and fat burners. The back track has a new combination: a low bar pull-high bar pull and clean and press. This creates smoothness, momentum and refines our clean and press technique. It will make the bar feel light and the movement explosive. In lunges we are stepping off the side of the bench with a side squat to target the glutes and hips. Mac raises make a welcome return to hit the shoulders – front, back and sides.


Welcome to this fresh new BODYSTEP release, which is the third instalment featuring our new combined format. Some of the freshness comes from the new diagonal arm lines in the Step Warm Up to Strong, and the new Squat and Lunge pattern in Conditioning 1 to Burn The House Down.

We have a great mix of original and high energy covered music, that really delivers an amazing musical journey from the start of the workout to So Close, right through to the end, when we cool down to Lost In Japan. Speaking of Japan, Mark’s favorite track in this release is the Mixed Strength track, where we create imagery of climbing up Mount Fuji in Japan, then snowboarding all the way down the mountain again. The Japanese song Ningyo really drives this imagery in this track.

We get our fight on in Peak 2 as we Jab and Jump to Gloves Are Coming Off, and then a little later on, we embrace our own personal style and party to Woman Like Me. The Athletic Circuit caters to all fitness levels, so you can go hard and challenge your fitness levels, or tone things down a little and reap the benefits of a steady calorie burn. It’s a win/win situation nevertheless!


This release is an incredible balance of intensity, fun and innovation. Swinging Modified Table Tops for max core and glute power, sports-inspired discus throwing, as well as 4-minute-plus (!!) Plank and Hover challenges make this workout stand out. The up-tempo warm-up sets the tone for both rhythm and feel of the class. Fast foot running in the Planks creates a core and upper arm load to strengthen the shoulders, back and core... By the time standing glute work has finished, the body is primed for Side Climbers and Oblique Crunches. Musically finishing with Ain’t Too Proud To Beg brings the soulful, fun, up-tempo energy to an amazing 30-minute core workout!


Release 08 takes LES MILLS BARRE back to the fundamental athleticism of balletic training. We’re focusing less on turn out and the pressure that we put on the joints and much more on working the posterior chain, combining this with more elegant, soft, dramatic music. It’s an athletic but graceful and enticing release. We will feel the intensity from Track 1, along with the fun that comes from the musical journey.


We’ve reached 30! This is a massive workout for a massive number. The team are super pumped for you to get this release and can’t wait for your members to experience some next-level HIIT-style training. LES MILLS GRIT Strength focuses load and range to elevate the heart rate into the maximum training zone. An extra highlight is the ‘rep’ challenges we have incorporated, taking this epic workout one step further. This is our third round of GRIT Athletic, and we’re rolling out a crazy new innovative Bonus Block to combine with GRIT Strength to make the GRIT Athletic 30 class. What can you expect? Two parts to this training concept; unilateral training to focus on single-leg loading in order to strengthen our weaker sides and to pre-load before tapping into bilateral speed and power for an explosive heart rate kicker.


Release 17 focuses on enhancing athletic ability through the use of randomized intervals. We instantly elevate the heart rate with a Drum & Bass powered Accelerated Warm up. The 3 Intervals quickly shift us into the Training Zone.

Track 2 is Power Training using a combination of seated and standing Power Intervals that are structured to create a less predictable feel. There are 6 x 80 second Intervals with varied Rest periods - the seated efforts build steady pressure to enhance base aerobic conditioning, and the standing efforts provide maximal stimulus to peak our fitness.

The following Sprint Track mixes a series of short 15 to 30 second Sprints with varied Rests to keep us sharp, focused, and ultimately fast! The Mixed Finisher is a combination of Intervals where we use Heavy Load for both Power and Strength. Expect to produce some big watts and watch out for the change up in the final set – a cheeky Sprint with a Power chaser.

In summary, Sprint 17 has a huge amount of intensity up front, some speed conditioning in the middle and a heavy finisher. Symptoms include increased fitness levels and a hunger for more!


Highlights of this release include new low-impact options for Mountain Climbers and Burpees as well as the Masterclass presenters physically role-modelling and coaching the variety of levels to suit the needs of your participants. Cardio features the new Spider Squat/Jump/Burpee, which will challenge any athlete while offering lower levels for those who need it. Track 12’s Core showcases the Halo with Side Lunge/Woodchop and Halo Side Step with Woodchop. Track 14’s Core track adds a new dimension to Double Pulse Squat Rear Leg Extension with an “All In Combo” that offers bands or plates as options.

One of the focuses is single-legged training in Cardio and Strength with multiple balance challenges. Also, many integrated movement patterns and exercises are provided for unique functional training as well as hip mobility, stability, hip strength and multi-dimensional core training. These help with strength for daily living as well as athletic performance.

The music is inspiring, driving, smooth, sassy, hip and chilled, coupled with phenomenal innovations that are sure to please your participants. And as Instructors, you are likely to find real satisfaction in the many choices of tracks and physical intensity provided for you to design the ideal class for your demographic.

RPM™ 84

Track 1, Bones, is a happy, uplifting song to kick start the ride. The Pace track Save Me Tonight shifts up a notch or two, with big energetic instrumentals in the top speed. Track 3 With Or Without You is a song that will resonate with everyone, changes down a gear musically but certainly not emotionally or physically. We will be On Our Way to having some fun again in Track 4. This track lights up the room with big vocals, if it’s your kind of thing, a great song to sing along to. Your class will be saying Don’t Stop Me Now as the fun in Track 5 hits another level. Rüfüs Du Sol makes a comeback in RPM 84 as Track 6. Treat You Better is an emotive song, where we optionally ride either on the beat or ahead of it. The final mountain is a true banger! Musically, Mufusa hits the workout hard, especially in the 30-second Standing Attack phase in Blocks 2 and 3.

SH’BAM™ 37

The music in this class leaves everyone with the sweatiest smiles on their dials, as people can’t help but dance to these tunes... There is a huge serving of Latin sounds to get your hips moving, some cool new K-Pop to style things out to, and some big ‘ebangerz’ to really get your heart rate pumping! The complexity is near zero so there’s nowhere to hide on the dance floor… Get your dancing shoes ready folks, SH’BAM 37 is coming to town!


Our inspiration for this release comes from the first few beats of our opening track. The percussive beat is reminiscent of traditional Taiko drums, and the infectious rhythm has us riding the beat early as we roll into a Japan-esque world. We transition into rolling hills filled with cherry blossom and Zen gardens. The infectious sounds continue as we are lured into the workout zone and then things really kick off in Track 3 as we shift from the real world to the surreal world. From here we explore tricked-out spaces and move into another layer of challenge where we take a twist on the race track – it’s a chase track. We round out the release with a reflective ride and a spacious flush to a great Mac Miller track. There are some highly recognisable songs that allow everyone to get fully immersed. In addition, there is plenty of visual magic which makes these releases so enjoyable to ride time after time.

Don’t forget to share your feedback with us, we love hearing what you think!