Keen to drop some science backed tips and motivation in your next class? Here’s all the info you need.

Have you noticed a change in the language that Presenters use on Masterclass?

It’s subtle, but there has been a deliberate effort over the last few years to avoid controlling phrases such as, “I want you to…”, “I need you to…”, “you must…” and replace them with more supportive cues such as, “let’s try…”, “can we…” and “I encourage you to…”

This change in language has been designed to help participants feel like we are “on their side”, supporting them through their workout by allowing them to have control over their experience. It plays a huge part in ensuring our members feel successful in the class, and directly affects their level of satisfaction with the program. We know this to be the case from our study on Developing and Testing a Motivational Communication Style which proved that a motivationally supportive style of coaching can improve the instructor-participant relationship and promote exercise adherence. It’s just one example of how our research has had a direct impact on the final product.

Here’s a brief overview of some of our other studies and exactly what they mean for you as an Instructor:


  • The Effect of BODYBALANCE on Middle-Aged Adults
    This research demonstrates that BODYBALANCE™/BODYFLOW® not only helps us balance but also improves our functional performance as we progress into older age.

    What it means for you: you can tell your participants that BODYBALANCE/BODYFLOW can help us stay injury free as we progress into older age.


  • Physiological and Hormonal Responses to BODYPUMP
    When it comes to deciding which exercise to do, we can also conclude that it is not just about what calories you burn, but about many other long-term physiological benefits that a workout may provide. This study shows the physiological impact on metabolism and body composition from BODYPUMP™ is both significant and ongoing.

    What it means for you: you can tell your participants that the results don’t stop when they put the bar down; BODYPUMP continues to deliver fitness gains long after the class finishes.
  • BODYPUMP and Bone Density
    This study shows 27 weeks of BODYPUMP led to an increase in bone mineral density which is associated with the reduced risk of osteoporosis.

    What it means for you: you can tell your participants that BODYPUMP helps keep our bones strong and healthy and will reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

  • BODYPUMP Squat Study
    What causes the biggest energy output – slow or fast contractions? Or, in BODYPUMP language, a slow 4/4 tempo, or the faster singles? The results of this study conclusively proved that the faster tempos burned the most calories.

    What it means for you: you can tell your participants that BODYPUMP is the ultimate calorie burning resistance training workout, with over 800 reps completed in every class.
  • The Effect of BODYPUMP on Middle-Aged Adults
    Sixty eight participants aged 55 and over took part in this study and were split into two groups; one that completed 26 weeks of BODYPUMP training and one that served as a control. Researchers saw significant improvements in the BODYPUMP group including: a 13 percent increase in leg strength and a 14 percent increase in upper body strength. Gait speed increased by 23 percent.

    What it means for you: you can tell your participants that BODYPUMP is an effective way to maintain our health as we age.


  • BORN TO MOVE Study
    A BORN TO MOVE™ study group demonstrated positive improvements in muscular fitness in children. This study showed young people engaged in more daily physical activity and less sedentary activity on days when they participated in the BORN TO MOVE lessons.

    What it means for you: BORN TO MOVE is an effective program for increasing levels of physical activity in children. It helps to build intrinsic motivation for exercise, ensuring they develop healthy habits early on and making it more likely they will sustain these habits for a lifetime.


  • The Effects of CXWORX on Quality of Life
    This study shows CXWORX™ participation leads to an improvement in medical student well-being, which may lead to happier, healthier students and physicians.

    What it means for you: you can tell your participants that CXWORX is an effective program for improving mental, physical and emotional health. This study was conducted by one our of own Tribe, Dr Dayna Yorks!

  • CXWORX Study
    When it comes to core strength, which type of exercise – isolation or integration – will provoke the greater muscle activation and therefore provide optimal results in aiding sports performance, rehab and general fitness? This study shows that for quality, time-efficient training, integrated exercises should be incorporated to maximize strength, improve endurance, enhance stability, reduce injury and maintain mobility.

    What it means for you: you can tell your participants that attending a CXWORX class twice per week will help them get stronger, improve their endurance, reduce their risk of injury and stay mobile.


  • RPM Effect Study
    This study involved eight overweight, physically inactive but otherwise healthy adults completing eight weeks of three RPM™ classes per week. Cardio fitness improved (11.8 percent increase in VO2 and 7 percent reduction in systolic blood pressure), body composition improved (body fat reduction of 13.6 percent and waist circumference by 3cm) and total cholesterol reduced by 13 percent.

    What it means for you: you can tell your new-comers to exercise that RPM is an effective way to improve cardio fitness, lose body fat and reduce cholesterol levels.
  • The LES MILLS SPRINT™ intervention was effective in reducing body fat mass, blood pressure, total cholesterol and triglyceride concentration while enhancing cardiovascular fitness, lean body mass, glucose intolerance and strength.

    What it means for you: you can tell your regular participants that replacing just one session of moderate intensity exercise with two HIIT classes per week for six weeks will significantly improve their health, fitness and strength.

  • THE TRIP Study
    This study shows that novice exercisers experienced a reduced perception of intensity from the audio-visual experience of THE TRIP™. Its immersive qualities enhance their fitness experience and may assist with them keeping up with a regular exercise program going forward.

    What it means for you: you can tell your new-comers to exercise that THE TRIP is an ideal way to start their fitness journey.


  • LES MILLS GRIT and Visceral Adiposity Study
    This study shows eight weeks of a combination of LES MILLS GRIT™ Cardio and conventional training is effective in improving physical fitness and body composition in healthy adults. It was also found that this type of exercise training appears to be superior to the conventional gym-based exercise in reducing visceral adiposity levels (the “dangerous” fat that surrounds our internal organs including the liver, pancreas and intestines).

    What it means for you: you can tell your participants that LES MILLS GRIT will improve their physical fitness and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • LES MILLS GRIT Soccer Study
    This study shows LES MILLS GRIT can be an effective protocol for soccer players – and professional athletes – and may maximize competition performance while minimizing training time.

    What it means for you: you can tell your participants that LES MILLS GRIT will take their athletic performance to a whole new level.

    Can the high-intensity interval training of LES MILLS GRIT cause a change in fit adults? A group that substituted one hour of cardio with two 30-minute HIIT classes had significantly better results than a control group in many of the variables that were tested.

    What it means for you: you can tell your participants that adding two LES MILLS GRIT classes to their schedule can significantly boost their fitness and reduces cardiovascular risk.


  • Group Fitness Instructor Injury Survey
    3,175 group fitness instructors (aged 16-70) answered questions related to current training practices and typical musculoskeletal injuries. Most of the Instructors surveyed had a lot of variety in their training program; incorporating a mix of cardiovascular, strength and core / flexibility training.

    What it means for you: In essence, balance is the key to preventing injury. To get fit and stay injury free, a variety of training modalities is vital.
  • Get Fit Together
    Participants who initially had a poor fitness level developed an above average fitness level after 30 weeks of LES MILLS™ group fitness classes and increased their aerobic capacity by an average of 55.9 percent.

    What it means for you: you can tell your new-comers to exercise that a combination of LES MILLS classes create significant physiological, musculoskeletal and psychological changes in their health.

Remember to share this information with your participants! It’s our priority on research that enables us to deliver safe, effective quality workouts that are scientifically proven to generate results, which is great news for you AND your participants. For a more in-depth overview of the studies, click here.

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