Update on choreography notes, livestreaming releases, and how to get involved with a special CXWORX trial.


Remember back in the day when you used to watch your releases on the big screen via DVD (or *ahem* VHS for some of us)? Well, learning your releases just got even easier with the new Chromecast feature!

The iOS version of the Releases App now has Chromecast so you can see all those hand and foot placements enlarged for learning! Download the latest Release App version from the App Store (Android coming soon) and check out Bas Hollander’s tutorial on casting to the big screen. You. Are. Welcome.


CXWORX™ Instructors: we have added extra tracks to CXWORX United (Q’3 2020 release) to create a 45-minute format of CXWORX and we want your feedback!!!

WHY: because this gives another offering to you and your clubs and we believe that you and your participants are ready to take your core fitness to the next level. We start with more integrated exercises and finish with more isolated moves, giving a whole new feel to the workout.

WHAT’S NEW: In the CXWORX UNITED release you will see 3 more tracks added along with the 30-minute format tracks. These are a special “45-minute” Warmup, another Track 3 (Standing Strength track which you can use as the BONUS Track 3 in the 30-minute class) and a stretch track at the end. The key is in the order of the tracks; here is the new 45-minute format:

Track 1 – Warm-Up 45

Track 2 – Standing Strength 1

Track 3 – Standing Strength 2

Track 4 – Standing Strength 3 [30-minute format bonus track]

Track 5 – Warm-Up 30

Track 6 – Core Strength 1

Track 7 – Core Strength 2

Track 8 – Core Strength 3

Track 9 – Stretch

YOUR TURN: We would love your involvement and feedback in the creation and future of this product. Feel free to teach this 45-minute format in live classes to your members or just do it yourself and give us your thoughts.

Please direct all feedback to


You may have heard that CXWORX will be renamed as LES MILLS CORE. This change will now occur on Release 41, launching from February 2021.


COVID has given us the opportunity to do things differently, and one of the changes you’ll see in your next releases is more simplicity in the notes. This has been done to make learning even easier for you!

These small changes include: choreography pictures remain in the glossary, but will no longer be in the main notes; fresh, new writing styles; removal of lyric cues for some programs, and no coaching “right hand side” notes for BODYJAM™ (but you still have G’s Dance School to help your learning).

Contact if you have any questions.


LES MILLS STRETCH is a brand new class that is still in pilot phase at Les Mills Auckland City.

The class is a 45-minute functional mobility class, designed to complement any workout regime. The class is being pioneered by BODYSTEP™ Program Director and Creative Director Mark Nu’u-Steele, and ex-Commonwealth Games gymnast, Kelly MacDonald.

The first releases will be filmed in September 2020, and will initially roll out on LES MILLS On Demand. Watch this space for updates on this exciting new program!


In case you missed it – livestreaming regular releases is now available! We have heard the feedback that you want to teach your regular releases to your club members, and we’ve been working on a solution that covers our music licensing requirements.

As with a live workout, a livestream using a regular release needs to be delivered on behalf of a licensed club. If you are not currently employed by a club, you can continue to use the royalty-free music releases and these will stay available until clubs re-open globally.

Please know, you will be able to download cover music files free of charge for the Q1, Q2 and even UNITED Q3 2020 releases that you have already purchased to allow you to stream these. There will be more details to come on back releases.

Any questions please contact your local Les Mills office or

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