Davina's post baby CXWORX success

After having her daughter, Davinia struggled to shift the baby weight. Now having gotten hooked on CXWORX (and some of the other LES MILLS programs) she says she’s in better shape than ever.*

Two years ago I was struggling to shift the weight I gained after having my daughter (and facing some other stresses in my life), so I started back at the gym.

I began doing LES MILLS™ classes and lost 10kg in 10 months. Over the following year I lost another 6kg to get to where I am now.

I do CXWORX™ 2-3 days per week and the changes to my body have been absolutely amazing. Getting my tummy back in better shape than it ever was has been life changing - I thought I was going to be that 'Mum shape' forever! I've now built strength in to my shoulders and upper body and I never ever had that before. I used to suffer from a lot of lower back and neck pain... and within six months of starting CXWORX this was gone too.

The way my body now feels when I work out is awesome. I feel strong and athletic. I can kick hard in BODYCOMBAT, and jump high in LES MILLS GRIT - I love it!

After having such awesome results, and to keep myself challenged, I did the CXWORX instructor training module six months ago. I now get to share this program with our members twice a week. I truly believe that building strength through the front half of your body makes such a huge difference to the strength and support you can then build through your back and in to the rest of your body.