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If you’re an existing Les Mills partner you can open the door to the new Marketing Studio, and access other exciting new digital platforms as they become available.

How to activate your account

1. Go to the platform you want to log-in to; Marketing Studio
2. Enter your email address and click ‘Next’ (use the same email you currently use for all Les Mills correspondence)
3. Click set password and wait for a login email to be sent (please note, this will only be sent if you’re an existing Les Mills partner)
4. Check your inbox, open the login email and set your password
5. You’ll now be logged in – and this login will give you automatic access to any new Les Mills platforms in the future.




Can I access these Les Mills platforms?

If you’re an existing Les Mills partner you can access Marketing Studio and all our other exciting new digital platforms as they become available. Simply follow the log-in steps, and if you have any issues fill out the content form below, or get in touch with your Les Mills contact.

If you’re a Les Mills Instructor your access to Marketing Studio will be available soon.

What platforms will I be logged-in to?

This one login gives you access to Marketing Studio, and down the track it will open up access to more exciting digital developments that are currently in the pipeline.

Why can’t I use my old club login?

We want to give you a personalized experience and secure access, which is why you need your own unique login. In the past, one club login was often shared across many in the team, which made it difficult to tailor the platform to individual needs. Now, using your unique login you’ll get a much more seamless experience.

How does the login work across platforms?

This is the only login you need! By using central authentication we can easily give you access to all Les Mills tools and support – using just the one login! When you use this unique login you’ll always get a personalized experience that’s unique to your role.

How can I give one of my team mates access?

It’s easy, simply let us know by filling in the below contact form, or reaching out to your Les Mills team.


Fill out the form below and the team will be in touch to help get you back up and running.

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