In the coming months you are going to be seeing a big focus on our cycle programs as we move to reflect industry trends and opportunities.

As exercise professionals, we know that indoor cycling is the most popular group fitness activity. It’s accessible for new people, burns heaps of calories and is a great, low-impact way to increase cardiovascular fitness. Furthermore, those members who participate in cycle classes are more likely to keep coming back.

However, when you think about your club’s usage of the cycle studio versus the main group fitness studio, it’s likely the cycle studio is only being used for a fraction of the time. Consider:

  • How many types of cycle workout does your club offer?
  • Is the cycle studio being used most of the time, or is it standing empty for a great portion of the day?

Improving those ratios will benefit both Instructors AND clubs, which is why you will see a concerted focus on our cycle programs over the next six months. There will be a specific focus on THE TRIP™, which we are now offering in a smaller screen format to make it more affordable for your club.

From the middle of September, you will see more advertising centered around cycling. We’d love to get you involved in this project and will be supporting you with resources to help you to promote your classes, and reach more potential participants.

If you’re already teaching a LES MILLS cycle program, this is awesome news, as there are likely to be more opportunities for new classes, as well as increased numbers in the classes you already have! And If you’re not currently teaching a cycle program, this is the perfect time to consider enrolling in an Initial Training Module to teach RPM™, LES MILLS SPRINT™ or THE TRIP™. Cycling is a great complement to other programs such as BODYPUMP™, and unlocks a broader range of teaching opportunities.

As Glen Ostergaard, Program Director for RPM and LES MILLS SPRINT says: “Teaching a cycle program is one of the smartest things you can do for yourself as an Instructor. You can teach cycle everyday, it gives you longevity as an Instructor, and the choreography is relatively easy to learn. Plus, it creates a real community-feel in classes that can be harder to match in the bigger studios.”

Growing cycle as a category means that everyone wins – Instructors, Clubs and participants. We’ll keep you posted on these efforts in the next few issues of Tribe Talk, including the latest research into cycle and providing you with a practical toolkit to help you grow your classes.

And if you have a story you’d like to share with the Tribe on your journey with LES MILLS cycle, we’d love to hear from you! Please email Instructor@lesmills.com

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