The Official Shoe of Fitness is here! We’ve been buzzing about this collab for a while and can’t wait to get our hands on the just-dropped Reebok Nano X1 x Les Mills.

You know those days when you’re racing from BODYPUMP™ to LES MILLS GRIT™, squeezing in your own training session, then grabbing an oat milk latte with your bestie before stopping off to grab groceries? Have you ever wished there was a shoe to suit all occasions and feel great throughout your busy day?

Step forward the Reebok Nano X1 x Les Mills – AKA The Official Shoe of Squats, Sprints and Jumps.

A silhouette more than 10 years in the making, the latest iteration of the Nano franchise, the Nano X1, has been refined and updated to become a more versatile training shoe. This includes a range of technology and feature updates, including Reebok Floatride Energy cushioning used for running, but with added stability for dynamic training. Whether you’re doing a Bronco into a Tuck Jump in LES MILLS GRIT, the Push Press in BODYPUMP or an Evasive Side Kick in BODYCOMBAT™, the Nano X1 has been engineered to maximize your athletic performance in the studio, while offering all the comfort of a running shoe.

Key benefits include:

  • Speed: the sleek shape and design allow for maximum speed and runnability
  • Comfort: features Flexweave Knit, a soft yet strong, style-driven upper consisting of all-new knitted material, providing max breathability
  • Control: provides designed stability to support a variety of workouts
  • Performance: incorporates Floatride Energy cushioning found in running shoes, while maintaining the performance and stability of a training shoe

“We’re confident the Nano X1 is our best training shoe yet,” says Tal Short, Reebok Senior Product Manager. “At a time when fitness is so critical to not just our physical, but also our mental wellbeing, we’re incredibly proud to be able to support the fitness community with a product that can help individuals and athletes of all levels train at their best.” With 18 months of development, 10+ versions and more than 50 people trialling the shoe across multiple workouts… yep, we’re on board.


To celebrate the launch, three exclusive workouts have been filmed for BODYPUMP, LES MILLS GRIT and LES MILLS CORE. These workouts are completely free for Instructors in those programs, and will appear under “Special Events” in the Release App. Who doesn’t love a free release?!

Head to to get your hands on a pair before your mate gets the last one!