Les Mills launches spaghetti sideline to fuel killer new workout

"Spaghetti Legs" whole wheat pasta has been launched to celebrate the launch of new workout LES MILLS FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH.

30 JANUARY 2024 – AUCKLAND: Les Mills has unveiled a limited line of whole wheat pasta, fusing fitness with food as it urges exercise fans to “get sweaty, then eat spaghetti.”

To celebrate the launch of new workout LES MILLS FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH™, the Kiwi fitness firm has released ‘Spaghetti Legs’ pasta – a nod to the lower body benefits of FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH, which research shows can help participants boost their squat strength (by 20%) and jump height (by 19%) in just 8 weeks.

On January 31 at 4pm (EST), FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH co-creator Ben Main will host a live “Spaghetti Legs” celebration on the Les Mills Instagram channel, leading a lower body workout based on moves from the new class. The free event is open to all and participants will also have the chance to win packs of the special edition spaghetti – only available while stocks last.

“We can’t wait to serve our squad a double helping of Spaghetti Legs through the IG Live event – expect a killer workout and the chance to win pasta that hits different,” says Ben. “We’re all about making fitness more joyful and this is a fun way to bring people together, build community, and celebrate a food that’s been scientifically proven to boost happiness.

“But don’t be fooled by the smiles, FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH is a serious workout. We’ve brought together the best of heavy compound lifting and functional strength training to deliver a bang-on-trend workout that delivers strength and athleticism to set you up for any challenge.”

Available via the LES MILLS+ streaming platform and about to launch in leading gyms around the world, FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH marks the latest in a series of new science-backed Les Mills workouts designed to meet Gen Z demand for highly motivating fitness experiences that bring results, strength and empowerment.

As well as improving squat strength and jump height, Auckland University of Technology researchers found that FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH boosted participants’ core strength (by 19%), bench press (by 13%), and increased their confidence to perform strength training by 25%.

In addition to delivering significant strength gains, the program also received a high enjoyment score of 78% from participants. This combination of results and enjoyment helps to drive intrinsic motivation, indicating that FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH is well-placed to help participants stick to their training in the long term.

The launch of Spaghetti Legs pasta is the latest activation of “Choose Happy” – a Les Mills campaign created with nice&frank to make working out more joyful, informed by research that shows Gen Z are seeking greater positivity and choice from their workout experiences. The approach is underpinned by Les Mills’ New Zealand roots and its focus on spreading joy through the physiological, mental and social benefits people gain from its science-backed workouts.

Last year, Les Mills partnered with Brett Goldstein – best known for his role in Ted Lasso – anointing him as the first Les Mills Happiness Ambassador to show that when you choose a workout you enjoy, you work out harder and happier. This was followed by an international competition to find the next Happiness Amabassadors, with three lucky entrants winning the chance to move to New Zealand for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to live like a Kiwi, eat like a Kiwi and work out like a Kiwi.

“Spaghetti Legs is the latest example of us subverting expectations of a fitness brand to provide playful entry points for people to start their workout journey and reap the rewards of an active lifestyle,” adds Les Mills Head of Brand Alice Atherton.

“Our mission at Les Mills is to create a fitter planet, so we’re committed to creating science-backed fitness experiences that harness the power of joy and inspire people to work out because they want to, instead of feeling like they have to.”



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