Every quarter, for every program, Les Mills creates the ultimate group fitness experience. The Les Mills quarterly filming classes are not to be missed. Make sure you’re in the loop with the upcoming filming schedule by checking out the info below.

Les Mills quarterly filming brings together the world’s best instructors, the freshest music and the latest choreography. With hundreds of participants we create a massive buzz of energy, inspiration and motivation. Then we capture it all on film. It’s this footage that’s provided to our 130,000 strong instructor tribe to educate and inspire them to take their classes to the next level.

Les Mills filming is an experience like no other. If you want to be part of the action check out the details below.


July filmings: They will take place at Shed 10, 89 Quay St, Auckland and we will welcome a limited number of participants for some selected classes. Dates are Monday July 29, and Tuesday July 30, subject to change. At this stage rehearsals for all classes will start a week prior to filming.

Bookings are essentials and will start on June 24th at 8pm, Auckland time. Simply click on the button below. You will also need to hold a gym casual pass if you wish to attend rehearsals (see on the bottom of this page)

October filmings: Details are not available at this stage.

Casual Passes

Visitors in the Les Mills clubs in Auckland are most welcome all year long. If you are not a Les Mills New Zealand club member, you are required to purchase a casual pass to attend classes and use the equipment.

Passes are sold in the club, but they are cheaper when they are purchased online. There are no extra fees to attend classes, but some classes (mostly cycling) require a booking in person in the club.

PLEASE NOTE: that you may be recorded or photographed in the course of the filming classes. Les Mills International Ltd owns the copyright in these recordings and images and may use them globally in connection with its business (including in Les Mills exercise products and marketing materials). By participating in this class you acknowledge and consent to this use. If you do not wish to have your images used in this way, please make yourself known to one of our production staff and we will do our best not to film or photograph you.