We want your life as an Instructor to be as easy to manage as possible. We’ve listened to your feedback and have launched the official LES MILLS Releases App for iOS and Android. Imagine everything you need to learn your release at the touch of a button, including being able to read the choreography notes and watch the masterclass at the same time, in the palm of your hand.

Download the app now from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

There are five key ways LES MILLS Releases

will help you deliver the best fitness experience in each and every class:
  • Music

    The best chart-topping and original music, assembled into a cohesive compilation, licensed, and ready for you to use to wow your classes.

  • Choreography

    Each new workout plan is created by experts, trialed for weeks to get the workout factor just right, put to the test in our research labs, and documented in a format that makes it easy for you to learn.

  • Masterclass Filming

    Our production team creates 20+ Inspirational program videos each round, led by our expert Program Directors and the world’s best team of trainers and presenters. Whether you’re a visual or kinesthetic learner, Masterclass gives you the ability to see great technique and coaching in action, and to follow along as you learn, speeding up the amount of time it takes to learn each new release.

  • Research and Education

    We’re evolving and expanding the education we provide so we give you the latest on how to perform new moves or exercises, tips on how to safely coach participants to success, tools for motivating members, modifications for injury or pregnancy, and the latest industry research on both fitness and nutrition. Think of it as continuing education without all the extra costs!

  • Technology

    We tie it all together and deliver it straight you using the device that’s already in your pocket. The LES MILLS Releases App provides online and offline access to all parts of the kit and let’s them work together to make learning faster anytime, anywhere.






Why are we doing this?

We have built this app because we want to continue to improve the experience of the Digital Kits and better align the way that you guys learn your new releases to the other ways that you consume music and media in your life.

Where do I download the App?

If you are using an apple device (iPhone or iPad) then you can download the app by searching Les Mills Digital Kit App on the Apple App Store. If you are using an Android device, then you can download the app on the Play Store by searching Les Mills Digital Kit App. If you are using a windows app then you can download the app

What devices will the app work on?

The app will work on Apple devices with iOS 9.0 or later, and on Android devices with Android 4.4 or later.

How do I Log In?

You will log in by using the same email address that you currently use to download your releases from the portal. Upon first log in you will then need to ‘Create Password’ by entering this email address and clicking ‘Send’. You will then be sent an email with a link to set your password which will take you to a web link where you will create your password. Once using your new password to log in you will be emailed a verification code to register your device.

What happens if I forget my password?

Should you forget your password, when using the app or portal you will be able to reset your password by clicking on the link ‘Forgot password’. You will then receive a temporary password to your registered email address with a link to re-log in and reset your password.

What releases will be available to me the first time that I log in?

The first time you will log in to the app all your active releases across all programs that you are certified in will be available to you, just like the current portal.

Can I purchase new releases on the app?

No, you can’t. To do so you will need to get in touch with your local Les Mills office and purchase the digital release from them

How long are my releases available?

Your releases will be available for two years from the kit release date. For one month before your release expires you will be able to download the video from the portal so you can keep a copy.

How will I view the Education videos?

Masterclass and Education videos have their own sections on the app. In the Education section, you will be able to view the videos from all your certifications.

Can I read the choreography notes and watch the video at the same time?

You sure can! This is one of the best and new features of the app. You can view your masterclass video while listening to the music and reading the choreography notes all at the same time, using your phone!

Can I still use subtitles on the app?

You sure can! There is a button the video player, where you can easily turn the subtitles on and off.

Can I still use the voices on/voice off feature?

Yes, you can! There is a button on the video player where you can easily turn voice on and off.

Will I still be able to use the portal to download my releases?

You will download the choreography notes and music from the portal, just like you do now. You will be able to watch your masterclass and education videos on the portal, but your release will not be available for download until one month before your release expires. Don’t worry, you can view your release videos offline by using the app on your mobile device

How do I use bonus track/make mixes of the music?

To make mixes, you can download the music from the digital portal and add the music to your iTunes and make your mix on iTunes, just like you do now! Mixing and matching your music tracks across multiple releases in the app is an exciting feature that will be part of a future update!

If I’m having issues with my app who should I contact?

If you are having issues with your app you need to get in touch with your local Les Mills office.

How do I give feedback?

We are very eager to hear your feedback on the new app and you’ll be emailed a link to offer your thoughts and feeling about a month after the app goes livE.



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