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There are hundred of places to find a LES MILLS™ workout in and around Hamburg

Discover the workouts that Hamburg loves.

LES MILLS workouts are available all over Hamburg and the surrounding area, from Elmshorn down to Lüneburg. With 20 different LES MILLS programs to choose from, there’s the perfect workout waiting near you.


Whatever your fitness goals, you can find a class that fits. Get lean and strong with BODYPUMP or cycle your way to cardio fitness with RPM. Learn the freshest dance moves in SH’BAM, or improve your flexibility and strength with BODYBALANCE. Get fighting fit with BODYCOMBAT or transform your fitness with our intense HIIT workouts, LES MILLS GRIT.

With the hottest music, cutting-edge exercise science and the world’s best instructors, LES MILLS™ workouts will help you fall in love with fitness. Find a class near you today!

Find a facility in Hamburg

Aspria Hamburg Uhlenhorst

Hofweg 40
22085 Hamburg

Phone: (040) 520 190 28




MeridianSpa Am Michel

Schaarsteinweg 6
20459 Hamburg

Phone: (040) 658 911 030




ATV Sports

Kirchenstraße 21
22767 Hamburg

Phone: (040) 38 30 16




Kaifu Lodge

Bundesstrasse 107
20144 Hamburg

Phone: (040) 40 12 81




wellyou Fitness Hamburg Altona

Große Bergstraße 156
22767 Hamburg

Phone: 040 306 063 90




Trainingsraum Alton / Schanze

Paulinenallee 30-32
20259 Hamburg




Holmes Place Hamburger Meile

Bostelreihe 2
22083 Hamburg

Phone: (040) 280 026 26




Fitness First Hamburg - Eppendorf

Falkenried 88
20251 Hamburg

Phone: (040) 414 67 50




Turnhalle Fitness and Wellness Hamburg

Osterbekstraße 90 b
22083 Hamburg

Phone: (040) 696 451 82




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