United Kingdom

There are lots of places to find a LES MILLS workout in and around the United Kingdom.


When it comes to working out, there are few things as effective for getting successful results as a group fitness class. The personal experience of the instructor guiding you through the workout, the positive psychological impact of exercising in a group, and the variety of exercise types you do during a workout can all make a huge difference in your efforts to get the body you want. LES MILLS offers resources to find a class that fits your exact needs.

Finding a class near me, for me

No matter where you are in the UK, LES MILLS can help you find classes nearby to help improve your exercise regime. From London to Leeds, Manchester to Birmingham, and Edinburgh to Cardiff, all over the United Kingdom there are plenty of places to choose where you can work out. Take a look through our Find a Class listings to find the ones that are nearest to you. Our Find a Class map uses your exact location to provide information on the LES MILLS group fitness classes that are closest and easiest to reach.

Why take a class

Your fitness club or gym can provide plenty of information on exercise routines and specific workouts you can use to craft your own approach to fitness. However, a group fitness class designed by LES MILLS and taught by a certified instructor is one of the most effective ways to work out. The right form, the right pace, and the right balance will help you see results sooner with a much smaller risk of injury.

The core of your routine

LES MILLS offers a range of exercise programs to suit your individual needs. Your goals might dictate which kinds of exercise you prefer, but everyone needs a balance between strength and conditioning, cardio, and balance/range of mobility exercises. If you want to focus on getting lean and toned, the BODYPUMP program can help you build strength while you do other, lighter forms of cardio outside the class. For those looking to improve balance and mobility, the yoga-based BODYBALANCE program focuses on training your body to make it more resilient and flexible.

A class for every fitness level

Regardless of experience, age, and comfort with exercise, there are different LES MILLS programs suited to your needs. From dance classes to high-intensity interval training (HIIT), you can select the program that works best for your needs and narrow your search down to specifically what you’re looking for. There are BORN TO MOVE youth classes available across a wide variety of locations to suit different age groups, too.

Your journey starts here

Beyond the expert guidance and access to the most effective techniques, joining a class gives you access to the all-important group effect. Exercising as part of a group has been proven to increase motivation, make you much less likely to drop out, and even to improve pain tolerance and energy levels. The right environment creates the right attitude, which is fuel for your journey to the right body.

Wherever you are, whatever kind of workout you’re looking for, LES MILLS can help you find the most appropriate classes anywhere in the UK. There are classes in clubs and gyms all across England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.