We don’t want you to miss the important health and fitness news that made waves in 2021. Discover the 10 most popular features from the last 12 months here.

How much HIIT should you do?

It seems everyone is keen to unleash the power of HIIT and make sure they are getting maximum bang for their buck, as this article was the most popular read for 2021! In this feature, we reveal the ideal HIIT prescription and the impact of overloading your exercise regime with too much HIIT. Find out the optimal dose.

Core thinking: Ab training trends of the future

When it comes to fads, the world of core training has ticked off its fair few. So what does the future hold? In this article, a team of ab aficionados identifies up-and-coming core trends and innovations. Discover the six core trends to watch.

The best exercises through your menstrual cycle

This article was a hit with many females keen to learn how to align their training with their menstrual cycle. In this quick read, you can learn about the different phases of your cycle and pick up top tips from female trainers who tailor their exercise to get the best from their body. Learn about training and periods.

How to win with upright rows

It’s been tarnished as a shoulder wrecker and called out as the one move that can bring your training to a grinding halt. But Bryce Hastings, Les Mills Head of Research, says those who bad-mouth the upright row should simply explore how to nail perfect technique. Find out how to effectively and safely do upright rows.

Myths about knee push-ups

Push-ups are one of the most popular measures of fitness, so it makes sense that this article was a popular read. Experts say whether you do them on your knees or toes, push-ups are one exercise worth mastering – and here they provide some top tips, including the three common mistakes to avoid! Get the latest push-up insights.

The exercises that make you a better runner

It’s clear that thousands of readers are keen to pick up the pace and smash their running goals. In this hugely-popular article, we reveal the science-backed core exercises that are shown to help you run faster and improve running symmetry. See the key core exercises for runners.

The best time to exercise

Are you better off getting your exercise done at dawn, or should you exhaust yourself in the evening? It’s something that thousands of readers want to know… but even scientists can't agree on what's best! In this article, we weigh up morning versus evening exercise and reveal the best bet. Find out when you should work out.

Forget dieting: 6 steps to change your life

It’s easy to get on track with healthy and nutritious eating by forgetting dieting and putting these six healthy – and easy-to-implement – new habits into practice. Find out how to take control of your nutrition.

The workout that can shave 20 years off your biological age

When we delved into research revealing the magic fitness formula to keep you youthful, the findings were remarkably popular. If you’re keen to explore what makes HIIT cycling such a powerful elixir of youth, this article has all you need to know. Learn more about the anti-aging cycle routine.

How to enjoy junk food without sabotaging your health

In this research roundup we reveal the ‘healthy staples’ that get a black mark, and how the humble sandwich could be healthier than you think. Find out how to make smart food choices backed by science.