Les Mills International is transforming its leadership culture to accelerate the next phase of its development and fuel its relentless drive for growth and innovation.

The world leader in group fitness and fitness content is strengthening its global organization with a foundation of empowering leaders and highly autonomous teams around the world. The culture shift begins with founder and Managing Director Phillip Mills taking on an Executive Director role that will allow him to focus more on his passion for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Mills says the move is to empower his Senior Leadership Team to take on the responsibility to build this new leadership approach across the business.

“I have put a great deal of thought into what our organization needs to take us through the next stage of development, and I believe that we now have a rock-star team of senior leaders with the energy, vision and skills to ensure we deliver on our mission to create a fitter planet.”

Mills says Chief Marketing Officer Clive Ormerod will become the new Les Mills International Chief Executive Officer. Former Chief Financial Officer Doug Robb is now the Chief Operations Officer, and USA-based Jean-Michel Fournier is the Chief Executive Officer of Les Mills Media, with UK-based Keith Burnet in the role of Chief Executive Officer global markets.

“It doesn’t end there. To realize our true potential, we need strong leadership across the business. Our commitment to all our people is that everyone has a role to play in leadership. It’s in our DNA – there are 140,000 Les Mills instructors that lead workouts every day and we want everyone in our teams around the world to step up and lead too.”

With Les Mills poised for ongoing growth, Mills says the time is right to make the transition from an operational role to allow him more time to provide guidance and strategic direction across the areas he loves most, and where he can add the most value.

“With an excellent senior team and our network of outstanding national CEOs, we are exactly where we need to be for our next phase of growth and innovation. We operate in a highly competitive industry where change is constant, so the way we work together needs to be as innovative and fit for future as our core product.”

Mills stressed that Les Mills would continue to operate from its spiritual home in New Zealand. The Mills family will also remain as committed as ever to the business, with Phillip’s wife Jackie Mills as Chief Creative Officer and their adult children Diana and Les in ever-growing roles.

The transition will take place over the coming months, with the appointment of a new CMO one of several priorities for the senior team.

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