BODYJAM is becoming even easier for you to learn and teach.

So listen up, I have some news to share with you. And it’s not that I’m having any more children, cause apparently I do that aaaaallll the time, but no, I saw Dr Snips a long time ago… (super long long awkward pause).

I’m simplifying BODYJAM to help your learning!

As BODYJAM Program Director, I am always thinking about how to simplify every detail I can with BODYJAM, to make it easier for you guys to learn and teach, simultaneously making it easier for your class members to pick up, and hopefully get more people into your classes.

What is changing?

So in keeping with simplicity, from the next BODYJAM Release 91, I will no longer be including a MASH IT! block.

MASH IT! was a super quirky and inventive addition to the program when I used to use a lot more House music. But as musical styles change, it’s become more complicated to mash the two main routines together. I’m taking the program through a lot of new amazing sounds I’ve found around the world, and MASH IT! is not going to work well with where I’m heading things choreographically.

So to keep things simple moving forwards, we’re just going to have the main masterclass only. But I hear you cry “SAY WHAT G? I love spending extra time learning extra choreography that adds minimal amount of experience to my class! Why would you do this to me!”

The MASH IT block wasn’t that popular

OK so hear me out. Number one: you guys weren’t even using it that much. I have seen the numbers through our Les Mills Releases app and the actual instructor PLAYS of MASH IT! in clubs were not even close to that of the main masterclass. So number one, it’s not even that popular with most instructors.

It’s good for your members

Number two: it’s good for your members. We know the key to people feeling successful in our programs is SIMPLICITY. In Jam it’s this, times a thousand. Fewer class formats or structures mean that people know what to expect when they come to your class. That means that once they’ve mastered the release, they can just enjoy it. Rip it up, go wild, enjoy the space in the choreography they know and love.

It's good for you!

And number three: it’s good for you. Who wants to spend more time trying to learn a slightly altered version of the choreography? I think this is the main reason MASH IT! wasn’t being used much, spending a heap more time learning basically the same choreography. You guys ALREADY spend way more time learning a release than all other Les Mills Instructors, so by the way freaking thank you for that, I really appreciate the amount of effort you put into every release so you can teach an amazing Jam class. So with removing MASH IT! I am giving you back the gift, of TIME. You are welcome.

So that’s it! I know you guys are gonna love BODYJAM 91, STYLES, SASS, HIPS, FEELS, and PS I’m doing another Facebook Live soon, so if you’re not already part of the BODYJAM group – you should join right this second and you can hit me with all your hardcore questions like “why don’t you use more Jennifer Lopez songs” and “where did you get those REEBOKS from?!?”

Much love everybody