Building BORN TO MOVE attendance

Henrik Hallberg is a driving force behind BORN TO MOVE in Denmark. He knows success relies on more than just spreading the word and putting some posters on the wall – it’s about getting as many people as possible to experience BORN TO MOVE.

Henrik runs BORN TO MOVE classes as part of a school youth group program, offers classes in his local club and goes above and beyond encouraging passionate adults to become BORN TO MOVE class teachers. Check out his top tips for BORN TO MOVE success.

  • Make sure you want to teach children. If working with children doesn’t create a buzz in your stomach then think twice about teaching classes. If you don’t get that electric feeling and give it 110%, you won’t be providing participants what they deserve.
  • Engage with parents. Encourage the parents of younger children to participate in a class so they can experience the benefits first hand. Talk to every parent at the beginning of each class. Remember, you’re looking after and influencing their child, so they’ll want to know who you are.
  • Run free trial classes. Get as many children (and their parents) to experience the benefits of BORN TO MOVE. Run demos frequently and ideally in different spaces.
  • Find more people to teach. Team up with other enthusiastic adults, share your passion and invite potential teachers to shadow classes with you. Help build up their confidence then encourage them to do the initial teacher training. Inspire others by being confident, enthusiastic and fun.
  • Leave kids feeling great. Their happiness is paramount, and might mean offering easier moves so they feel like they can master them, or even inviting children to attend older classes.
  • Create habits. Younger children just want to have fun, they are less self-conscious and are willing to give anything a go. If you can capture their attention at a young age, they’ll fall for classes and continue to do them as they get older.
  • Be patient. Remember it can take a bit of effort to get BORN TO MOVE classes up and running but the smiles and growing confidence of the participants makes it all worth it.

Feeling inspired? Follow these steps to success:

1. Talk to club management. Share your enthusiasm and suggest running a BORN TO MOVE open day or free trial classes.

2. Talk to parents. Share information on the physical and emotional benefits of BORN TO MOVE. Take the opportunity to speak to parents at during any club open events, and/or after their child has participated in their first class.

3. Talk to potential teachers. Reach out to those you think would make great BORN TO MOVE teachers and encourage them to help you when you teach your next class. Use your passion to get them hooked.

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