Change remains the only constant as the latest releases are signed off and your favourite programs just get fresher.

As so many of you have requested, all of the tracks in BODYPUMP™ (except 1, for which there is a bonus track) are lyrical, amazing songs. Loads of different genres, really functional innovations. Not too many pulses, and not GRIT™ intensity, unless you choose to load your bar up and go crazy.

BODYCOMBAT™ world, we have heard you! There's broader genre range, more of a fun, combo-rich feel, as well as plenty of alternate tracks to cover the younger Instructors and members.

RPM™ continues along the path it has been taking. Great songs, divine choreography! We will aim to deliver some bonus tracks in this new style to you over the coming year, and I will let you know next month how we are going with this.

CXWORX™, because of your feedback about increasing intensity, we are pulling this one back a bit. But don't worry, cores of steel, options abound to challenge everyone!

TONE™ continues to develop based on both the feedback from BV Instructors and also the Instructors out there who aren’t teaching it yet, but who plan to. TONE 2 is going to have enough content, and options, to cater for EVERYONE. Including those who would prefer to stay off the floor in the cardio section. Plus, Mark Nuu-Steele is now on the TONE Creative Team, and he says the workout has changed his body, it makes him feel like he’ll still be Stepping when he’s 84! For more details on TONE, in general, check out these FAQs here.

BARRE™ 3 is finished, but because most of you haven’t seen 1 & 2 yet, and because this is a SERIOUS burn, we will be giving you videos next month for you to practice and get your foundation posture down so you won't be sore after initial training! If you want a general overview of BARRE click here.

Our leader Jackie Mills, is fighting constantly to better every deal for YOU, supported by the creative team. YOU are our heart and soul.

Next month, I’d love to answer some questions… silly/personal/serious - whatever you like! Send in via