Have you submitted your video for a grade review yet? Instructors from around the globe share stories of how Les Mills Qualifications helped them level up their game.

Cristina Constantinescu. Bucharest, Romania. 12 years’ teaching. BODYCOMBAT™, BODYPUMP™, LES MILLS GRIT™, LES MILLS CORE™, LES MILLS SHAPES™, and LES MILLS Strength Development™.

I’ve been graded twice in both BODYPUMP and BODYCOMBAT, and I received higher Levels in both of my second submissions. I’m now sitting at Level 6.5 in BODYPUMP and Level 7 in BODYCOMBAT.

It can be scary at first – and emotional – to film yourself, knowing that your teaching will be assessed. But I’m also aware that getting feedback can only help my development and understand where I’m sitting as a teacher right now. Submitting my video to be graded took me out of my comfort zone, and I know that’s where change happens.

The feedback helped by confirming my strengths, as well as highlighting those things I need to work on. It opened my eyes to how I can become a better Instructor, how I can embody the essence of the program even more, and be more authentically me when I step on stage.

It’s important to understand that the Level you get doesn’t define you – it’s what’s behind the Level that counts. The feedback is what will help you to keep growing as an Instructor, to become even better at your craft. Have courage, be brave and open yourself up to becoming the best version of yourself!


I was initially nervous to send in my video for Les Mills Qualifications (LMQ) because I felt like I was going to be judged. When I received the feedback, however, it was so positive and supportive that it made it really easy to submit additional videos for following LMQs. My first BODYPUMP was a Level 7, second a Level 8 and my final LMQ was a Level 9! I plan to film again on the new release to chase the Level 10!

The feedback helped me SO much. I am honestly so much better in the presenting and teaching space since doing LMQ. I feel way more confident and it's given me the assurance that it’s OK to do my own thing while also working to progress and develop. It’s put me at ease to just be ‘me’.

As a BODYPUMP presenter I feel much more present, as LMQ has allowed me to create space in my coaching to truly connect with and create a meaningful experience for my participants. There was a time when teaching had started to feel a bit stagnant – LMQ has breathed new life into my classes and presenting!

It’s awesome to get external feedback as I often find I get ‘hung up’ on certain things with self-review. The coaching and feedback really opened my eyes to some of the amazing things I do and things that make me uniquely me. It was such a celebration of all the good stuff, as well as giving me pointers to make my teaching even better. What I loved was that the feedback felt so unique. It wasn't a ‘cookie cutter’ approach – it was focused on bringing out the best in me.

I would encourage anyone who hasn’t done LMQ to give it a go. It's judgment-free and so supportive. Doing LMQ has helped my self-review skills too as my eyes are open to the whole process, rather than just the bits I want to see or the specifics I'm focusing on.

Pernille Lindeholm. Naestved, Denmark. 2 years’ teaching. BODYATTACK, BODYCOMBAT.

I’ve been diagnosed with autism, so am a master of overthinking everything I do, say, think or feel. My mind is a rollercoaster 24/7, and that's a hard thing to deal with every day.

After attending Initial Training in BODYATTACK in 2022, I got a pass pending on my first video. I was very upset and sad, but I took the feedback seriously that my wonderful assessor, Sander Johansen, had shared with me. I realized I needed to focus on Coaching and Performance, and I filmed my video many times until it was as good as it could be for now. After submitting again, I passed, receiving a Level 5.

The filming process was definitely the toughest thing I’ve ever done. It was really hard, emotionally and mentally. I'm a perfectionist, so if I don’t have the same technique as Lisa Osborne, our beautiful BODYATTACK Program Director, it’s NOT good enough. And I know that is so ridiculous! Becoming an Instructor is a journey — and we all start somewhere.

I would recommend other Instructors to get their Level because it can give you tons of inspiration and the feeling of rocking your program(s). I was given a very beautiful quote from a friend of mine, who also teaches the same programs as me: “You are never done”. I live by that quote. To me, it means that you can ALWAYS develop yourself and your talents as an Instructor. Every time we teach, every time we work hard, something amazing comes of it. And that’s why I would recommend other Instructors to get their Level.


My first grade review in BODYATTACK came back as a Level 4. It’s strange, because I remember people telling me how good that was, but on a scale that runs from 1-10, I initially found that very hard to process. I was happy to have something to work from though, a framework for improvement and the motivation now to push myself.

I’ve learned it never gets easier. You can have a class full of people, but the tripod in the corner feels like a specter in the room. I still cringe a little when watching the videos back, but I’ve become more accepting and comfortable with the process; acknowledging the impact of self-review and my desire to develop.

It’s hard to not just focus on the overall Level, but it’s important to look beyond this to what is always really helpful and detailed feedback. Taking the feedback as supportive and not as criticism is the most powerful thing you can do. The exciting part then is to plan your next steps on how you can use the feedback to improve your teaching.

I’ve tried hard to maintain a cycle of filming every 3-6 months for the programs I teach. This gives me time to implement the feedback and put thought into the tracks I really want to be part of my filming. This process has enabled me to increase my Levels and find consistency in the Key Elements I want to improve upon. I’ve managed to achieve a Level 6 in both BODYPUMP and BODYATTACK and 6.5 in BODYCOMBAT.

I believe if you can take on the feedback and find opportunities for improvement — rather than seeing it as criticism — it becomes an incredibly powerful tool for development. Would I recommend this to other Instructors? Of course I would. Is it for everyone? Possibly not. However, I feel to truly keep developing and bringing the best to our members, self-review and continuous development is essential. I believe the LMQ process supports this. We would think nothing of an annual appraisal at work, would we? I would say to anybody asking me about LMQ: “Be brave and be open to the feedback and opportunities it brings. What’s the worst that can happen?”

Sander Johansen. Tønsberg, Norway. 11 years’ teaching. BODYATTACK, BODYBALANCE, BODYCOMBAT, LES MILLS CORE and LES MILLS SHAPES.

The first time I submitted my grade review for BODYBALANCE, I achieved no more than a disappointing… LEVEL 1!

How is that even possible for a Trainer, Presenter and Assessor? I'd just started teaching the new release and had planned on simply filming myself teaching the class without doing any more preparation than I would normally do before a class. I wanted to achieve a Level based completely on how I truly am as an Instructor, and what I actually do in class every week. I didn´t want to prepare “the perfect script”, polish my technique or practice my theatrical skills. It seems that wasn´t a good Idea (haha)… or maybe I just had some bad luck that day.

I achieved a grade 2 on my Technique, grade 1 on Coaching, Connection and Performance, as well as on Choreography. I was not at all satisfied with my grades and Level, so I had a conversation with my manager and the two Assessors of my video. The problem with my video was that I had missed out some details in the Choreography. This had not only weakened my delivery of the Choreography, but also obstructed me in delivering inspirational Coaching, Connection and Performance.

Achieving a Level 1 as a Trainer, Presenter and Assessor is not fun. I made a tough choice before filming the second class. I stood by my original choice to not plan and prepare anything more than I usually would have done before a class. Normally, I would have done everything in my power to achieve the highest possible Level. But no… my goal was never to prove to anyone how talented I can be. I wanted to get an assessment of how I truly am and how I genuinely teach every single week. The only thing I did before the second filming was to double-check the choreography. I also had a closer look at the feedback I was given in the assessment. Even though I originally received the lowest possible level, I still got a lot of insightful feedback that I felt was relevant to the Level that I’m actually at.

Eventually, I probably took the highest Level jump ever recorded in the history of LMQ… I went from a boring Level 1 to a solid Level 6.5! Even though this is a big jump and a good Level, I´m honestly not yet too satisfied with it. I want to get myself up to a Level 8, as this is where I believe my potential lies.

Sofia Jalnefjord. Gothenburg, Sweden. 11 years’ teaching. LES MILLS CORE, BODYCOMBAT, LES MILLS GRIT, BODYATTACK.

I decided to submit my videos for a grade review because I’d been teaching for quite a while and had also gone through Advanced Training in LES MILLS CORE and LES MILLS SPRINT. When LMQ was launched, I felt this was the perfect opportunity to get new and fresh feedback on my teaching.

It’s a pretty simple and speedy process. You film yourself teaching a class and send it in. You’ll receive feedback within 1-2 weeks on the 5 Key Elements, with suggestions from your Assessor on what you need to work on.

What I love about LMQ is that it enables you to work on your development at your own pace. I love that you can be in control of your own journey. I've sent in nine videos in total, and I film myself at least two times per grade review, so I can reflect and see things I can do better before sending one in for assessment.

I've gone from a:

Level 6 to 6.5 in LES MILLS CORE

Level 4 to 6 in BODYBALANCE

Level 6 to 8 in LES MILLS SPRINT

It’s helped keep me motivated as an Instructor. I’m someone who values personal development, not only as a teacher but also as a person. The feedback is structured so that it’s easy to just focus on one thing at a time. It also reminds you that you don't only do it for yourself, but to enhance your participants' experience.

A real benefit is you learn something new every time! Sometimes it confirms your development in the areas you've been focusing on. Sometimes you have the tough realization that you might not have changed as much as you'd hoped for. But when you do increase your Level, it feels great to have that "proof" in writing.

My goal is to become the best possible Instructor I can be, and there is really no finish line. LMQ and the feedback enables me to reach out to more people during class and if I can be just a small part of my participants’ journey to achieving better health, increased fitness level, mental wellbeing or whatever their reason for working out is — that’s gold.

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