From April 2021, LES MILLS On Demand (LMOD) and LES MILLS™ Virtual will now play new release content 3 to 4 months after you receive the material to teach in clubs. So what’s the rationale behind closer alignment, and what will it mean for you and your members?

“That was amazing – what release was that?” asked a member in my LES MILLS GRIT Cardio™ class in December. When I said it was the latest release (#34 at the time) she looked crestfallen. “Oh. I can’t come to the gym for the next few weeks and I wanted to do it on LMOD. When will it be on there?”

Needless to say, she wasn’t thrilled to hear she’d have to wait six months.

Why is Les Mills bringing LMOD releases forward three months forward?

As Instructors, you know better than anyone how much the workout and programs can evolve over six months. Remember how the calf raise felt really weird in BODYPUMP the first time you did it, but two releases later it felt totally normal? And now a static squat almost feels weird?!

We want our members to have a consistent experience with Les Mills. Even before COVID, 85% of gym members were also working out at home*; these people are our current or future participants. You know that girl in your GRIT class who finally mastered the Donkey Kick into the Tuck Jump and wants to keep it up while she has a few weeks away from the gym? Or the guy in your BODYBALANCE™/BODYFLOW® class who wants to practice his Mermaid before next week? How great is it going to be for both of you that they can carry on doing the thing they love between your Live classes?

Conversely, narrowing the gap helps make it easier for newbies to make the leap from living room workouts to live studio classes. A November 2020 survey of 9,000 LMOD users found that 63 percent of non-gym members are interested in trying live Les Mills classes in a club. For the many people who build their confidence with LMOD before trying a Live class, we want these future participants to feel really comfortable when they step into the studio. Closing the gap from six to three months means these people are more likely to be up to date with the program and thus feel more comfortable in the Live setting.

Does this mean in future LES MILLS On Demand and Live material will be released at the same time?

No, the experience you create in your Live classes will always be the leader in showcasing new releases.

Why would members pay for a gym membership when they can just work out at home with LES MILLS On Demand?

Because people enjoy working out together and nothing beats the live experience. Research published in the Journal of Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology, the Les Mills Groupness Study, found that gym attendees experience increased levels of individual enjoyment, exertion and satisfaction as a result of group exercise. It identifies the powerful role ‘the group effect’ plays in positively influencing a club member’s overall workout experience – and their intention to return.

You know that incredible feeling when everyone is running forward into the kick combo in BODYATTACK™ Track 8? You can’t beat that feeling of doing it together, and that’s why your Live classes will always be the pinnacle experience of group fitness.

Khiran Huston, a regular presenter on Masterclass, says: “I see LES MILLS On Demand as a push to Live classes. Beginners like being in the safety of their own homes when they are trialling new things. It allows them to fall in love with the programs, and then they want to get that unique experience that Instructors offer in a Live forum.

“I speak from experience that, in COVID-19 lockdown, I’ve had members messaging me saying how much they miss the live classes and they can’t wait to come back. And sometimes they’re doing the class with me as their presenter on-demand! Yes, they’re happy that they are able to do still Les Mills classes at home, but it’s like comparing apples to oranges – they’re two completely different experiences. I think it's brilliant news that the LES MILLS On Demand releases will be closer to what we're teaching in-club.”


* Qualtrix: Les Mills Global Consumer Fitness Survey (2019)