It’s that time again! The new releases are here to set your workout on fire. With PNF stretches in BODYBALANCE/BODYFLOW, Thunder Kicks in BODYCOMBAT and a brand new name for CXWORX, working out in 2021 just got a whole lot more exciting…


It’s party time for everyone in this release!

The playlist has the hottest songs on the charts with high energy beats and drums. The workout kicks in right from the start as we warm and prepare our bodies for the challenges ahead.

The focus of the Plyometric track is simplicity to create intensity: repeated reps of two favorite BODYATTACK moves, lunges and skaters, will allow people to simply focus on working hard!

There is a brand new sound for the Athletic Strength track with cool moves to build strength through the entire body. We have lots of pushups to engage the upper body, plus a focus on single leg training and stability for the lower body to correct muscular imbalances and help us avoid injury.

The 5x Knee Repeater Lift and Lunge combo in the Running track is a fantastic move to improve our strength and stability with the added challenge of speed.

Your participants are going to love the sound and energy of the Agility track before we move into all the emotion of Interval training with For You. The last Power track, Good Feeling, will just leave everyone feeling great!


Release 91 is our favorite, plain and simple. The quiet calm of the music where you need to reflect, the power and uplifting joy of Freedom, the simple, challenging efforts required in the core tracks... let us know if it hits you the right way.

We begin our practise with a beautiful Yoga Warmup to explore our bodies and the breath, before moving into a classic Sun Salutations to deeply warm the body. Standing Strength is about finding strength and joy in our movements, with repeated Sun Warriors to explore the space, freedom and length around our ribcage and side body.

The Balance track, Bring Me Home, will focus our concentration with Eagle Pose and Floating Half Moon Pose. Hip Openers feature poses that are held for a long period of time, allowing our bodies to “just be” in the pose. There is the option to use PNF stretching to enhance the poses. We build core strength with Rope Climbs and Cross Crawls before strengthening our posterior chain with a Hover sequence and Bridge Pose. Finally we experience the rewards of the deep release around the spine through the Lying and Lunge Twists.

To us, this class is a soothing balm and a chance to breathe. So let’s stand and look towards the horizon together. We can’t know what’s coming, other than that it is something new.


The future of hologram-technology is here! No matter where you are based in the world, the ability to connect through the universal language of BODYCOMBAT just stepped up to the next level, again!

This release is brought ALIVE with high energy and fast paced Power Striking. Fun and

excitement is all wrapped up in the intensity of the Thunder Kicks, the Jumping Descending Elbows, and feelings of a street fight. Not the mention the all-out MMA training inspired circuit!

Once the Warmup is complete, we begin the workout with a Roundhouse Kick and Decoy Sequence to fire up the legs. Track 3 is all about bringing the heat to the shoulders with corner to corner punches. We challenge core stability and balance in track 4 with slow front kicks and squats, before moving into track 5 which has plenty of options for standing and floor work.

Track 6 is a “street fight”! The stand out move of this track is a Triple Power Hook, followed by a Grab and Front Kick to create some drama. Track 7 Muay Thai will have your lungs begging for mercy, before we empty the tank and celebrate our victory with the final Power Training track.

Follow the motivating coaching from Thomas, the enjoyment from Marlon, the gracefulness in execution from Lunar and the mastery of Dan and Rach. BODYCOMBAT 86 has been designed to truly challenge, inspire and motivate you to grow.


Well I hope you aren’t too attached to the idea of your feet being planted firmly on the surface of the planet… I really hope you are all good with me transporting your body and soul to outside of our earth’s atmosphere… Ya’ll good with me shooting you into space like an electric red sports car??? OK, quick, ask yourself? Yes?? ARE YOU SURE?

OK. You are ready for BODYJAM 95 Lift Me From The Ground.

Track one is the greatest of great Hip Hop tracks How We Do, where you get to start the class so smooth with controlled isolations and lows into your legs.

Hype Track at track 2 you’ve probably never heard before but you’re gonna love this authentic House dance bounce that will have your class heart rate buzzed.

Then our first block Bun Up The Dance will have you floating through textures of styles… SWIZZMONTANA is such a banger, Touch It is such a banger, oh yeah then we drop full into 90’s bangers “no you’re never gonna get it!” This track is such a highlight of the class.

Wait no no no!! Desce Pro Play IS THE GREATEST SONG YOU HAVE NEVER HEARD PA… PA-PA-PA-PA-PA-PA-PA… PA-PA-PA-PA-PA-PA-PA ok it doesn’t work as well written down…

Bun Up The Dance buns up the heat, before Get Busy is baaaaaaack (BODYJAM nerds like me will know, Jam 35, 65, and now 95)

Feel the disco with the oldschool stunner Thinking of You, before the 2nd half drops hard with Bodak Yelow, and yes you are going to jump. What did you think was going to happen with a class called Lift Me From The Ground DID YOU THINK WE WERE GOING TO STAY GROUNDED WTF MAN

The Coconut song is the right amount of silliness smashed together with Miami bass, Dhol Life is like a whole new genre of music, before you take things ever further with Reaching Out, stretching limbs long, feels sideways, and sway your nipples through the sound.

Get It Get It is a little repetitive but that’s ok cause we’re basically just jumping non stop for 3 min, GRIT ATHLETIC with more butt related movements, then WE HAVE MADE IT LIFT ME FROM THE GROUND. The song is stunning as it transports you through so many emotions, the slow the fast, the chill the hype, this track and this block and this class has got it all.

BODYJAM 95 Lift Me From The Ground will have you saying goodbye to your reliance on gravity


BODYPUMP 116 hits the ground running with an upbeat, fun Warmup that includes plate work to prepare us for the functional component of class.

The aptly named Squat Song hits us with slow and controlled Squats to “work your legs and not stop”. Time under tension (keeping the muscles under constant pressure) is the key to toning and shaping our legs.

Chest training has a good mix of functional Pushups and Plate Flys with Presses - a great way to overload the upper body whilst isolating and strengthening.

Lacrimosa, the Back track, is big, bold and dramatic. We have super sets of Heavy Rows and Pulls with Plate Clean and Presses to deliver the optimal mix of strength and power. Triceps training is slow and controlled while Biceps is funky and fun!

Lunges is a game changer: pulses in the back steps and then a combo of Wide and Wider Stance Squats to deliver the desired burn. The Shoulder track integrates plates and functional work to complete our full-body training.

This workout is a simple mix of bar, plate work and bodyweight training to strengthen your body, burn calories and leave you feeling awesome!


It’s a new year, and this new release kicks off to the song New Revolution.

We ease into the workout with shoulder and thoracic rotations, lunges and squats, before we hit the happy vibes in part 2 of the Warm-up, the uplifting song Perfect. Next up is the Step Warm-Up where we continue to warm up our stepping muscles, and also learn the walking pattern needed for the Half Stomp & Mambo, the alternating foot pattern for the Tap Downs, and quick foot pattern for the Cha-Cha-Cha’s to God Is A Dancer.

Get ready for some head spinning fun in Peak 1 to Hallucinate, and then we have a Russian tribute themed Mixed Strength track to Kalinka and The Squat Song.

In Peak 2 we get down to get our heart rates up to cool remake of This Is How A Heart Breaks, and then we get some cardio recovery and integrated weighted conditioning work to Ginger.

Next up is the Party Step, where we chasse, pivot and put our hands up to the sky, to Rain On Me.

The Athletic Circuit is a real cardio kicker with Rotating Jump Squats, Heel Tap Burpees and feel good speed and agility work. The song Something Kinda Ooooh drives us to a heart churning final cardio peak, before we start to wind the workout down with weighted conditioning and core work to No Stress, and a nice stretch out to complete the workout.

Happy New Year everyone, I hope you enjoy BODYSTEP 122.


It’s here! It’s official!

Welcome to the new name for CXWORX: LES MILLS CORE.

This release features your 30-minute format inclusive of a bonus track 5 as well as the new 45 minute format. We would love for you to try both and to continue to share your feedback.

Release 41 has a fantastic design of core stability, endurance “ouch my obliques” strength and mobility abdominal training.

Hover variations just got a whole lot more interesting with the new Commando Crawl. Track 3 has a double strength component with Resisted Bow and Arrows and weighted Oblique Squats.

Sky Divers, glute and hip abductor challenges and Bolt Plank Climbers are included this round to develop a healthy and powerful body. Enjoy the new Standing track 3 with the “fast paced skuttle” to improve our reactive training!


LES MILLS GRIT has always been about pushing physical and mental boundaries but release 35 takes it to the next level! With multiple 1-minute intervals and half Tabatas in Strength, Cardio and Athletic this workout is pure fire!

LES MILLS GRIT Strength brings in brand new ways to experience HIIT with Staggered Supersets, Load Explode Supersets and Antagonistic Supersets. We buy into the workout with Contrast Training and our buy out is Reverse Contrast Training. Good luck!

Donkey Kicks, Tuck Jumps and Burpees ensure we hit the red zone in LES MILLS GRIT Cardio. Watch out for the progression from a Squat Snap to new move Burpee Snap to challenge us in the Tabata. We also have a Single Heisman/ Lateral Vertical Jump combo to keep us on our toes!

LES MILLS GRIT Athletic is all about the EMOM and the Tabata, two great ways to push our fitness.

Release 35 is pure athleticism. Enjoy!


This release is physically demanding – with relentless intervals of work and limited recoveries to ensure we get the most out of our HIIT training.

It’s a classic pyramid type workout, kicking off with an Accelerated Warmup, then straight into extended Power Endurance both at the start and the conclusion. We have strength and sprints in the middle and a Tabata as the peak of the workout!

Track 2 is game on! Power endurance: approximately 3 ½ minutes of continuous training with NO RECOVERY! A first in this program to have an effort that long. Next, we are into Sprints! There’s a 20 / 30 and 40 second sprint.

Challenge your class to use Heavy Load to find pure Strength in Track 4. After each of the 3 strength phases, there is a short sprint to follow. Track 5 we hit the peak of the pyramid. TABATA TRAINING! Traditional tabata with 8 x 20/10 work / recovery. Challenge your class to work as hard as they can in each interval

After hitting the peak, we now go back down the pyramid into Strength again. Same as Track 4: 3 strength efforts followed with a short sprint.

Final track is the 3 ½ minutes of Power Endurance again. Well what can I say? This is going to be challenging, so bring your best motivation to keep people in the workout right to the end!


LES MILLS TONE 12! An epic ensemble cast of presenters to match this epic workout!

We have packed it full of innovative movement styles to really challenge your fitness and strength, and target everywhere you want to work. We have animal style training in track 5 Cardio with Bear Crawls, Caterpillars and Prone Crab Walks. Track 7 Strength includes Weighted Good Mornings to strengthen the glutes and the hamstrings, and then we challenge our balance in track 8 Strength / Cardio with a Pistol, Side Tap, Back Tap Combo.

The music list this round is a nice mixture of new and older sounds, hopefully to inspire everyone to sing along to something.

The key for this one is to take any option anytime you need to, to help you build technical mastery across the class!


RPM 89 is another epic release. With both great music and choreography to match, the workout is a complete experience. There is a great blend of music genres: pop, rock, dance and electronic. With lots of lyrics to connect with, you will create an incredible journey for your participants. It is an old school RPM release that both you and your members will love.

The ride overall is challenging yet fun. Feel the different emotions from the individual tracks, there are many opportunities to connect our members to the music at different levels.

The release is quite an ‘easy to coach’ workout providing we deliver the basics of PRP effectively to our members, then we can still share the performance with them also. There are several fast transition tracks so again the importance of providing clear PRP cues will help your class feel success, finding the right intensity.

Track 1: The class opener is upbeat and engaging. Here we coach all the basics with a focus on setting our participants up for the ride. Coaching Position, Resistance and Pace with clarity. Set the scene for the workout by being open, warm and uplifting, matching to the feel of the song.

Track 2: is like a mixed terrain track with multiple short racing phases and climbs – focus on coaching all the quick changes of PRP. It’s s great song to use the lyrics to motivate and connect with your class.

Track 3 is a classic RPM tune. Your class will be singing along to this well-known song! This track is about strength endurance, with a small introduction to the climb then 2 long 2minute blocks. Coach your class through the many changes between standing and seated climbs.

There are 3 blocks of mixed Pace in Track 4: short: 20 seconds, medium: 40 seconds and long: 60 seconds fast Racing where we chase down the beat of the music.

Track 5 there are 3x 60 seconds intervals, with a short explosive Attack combo in each. Here you want to match to the energy of the song through the use of your voice, body and facials.

From a dynamic, high energy track 5 we move to the contrast of a europhic track 6. Create this contrast in the music also by using a conversational tone and saying less.

The final track is big, bold and driving: two long blocks of work, the first has shorter climbing efforts focusing on heavy strength, the second contains longer strength endurance efforts.


Did somebody say ‘Throwback’? SH’BAM 42 brings the party to your studio with current and throwback music that will delight everyone and have people singing along throughout the class.

Classic party favorites like Queen of the Night, Return of the Mack and What’s Love Got To Do With It will have everyone tapping into their inner karaoke and dancing diva. Whilst tracks like How You Like That and sadder badder cooler will make you feel like you are leading the latest social media dance challenge!

When you dance SH’BAM 42 you are guaranteed 45 minutes of smiling, sweating and fun. The music will lift you while the moves will give you freedom to unleash your inner dancer. By the end of the class you will just want to do it all over again!

Learn more about how these special “hologram releases” were created.