Discover the highlights of the new releases, filmed in front of a live audience in the iconic Studio 1!


Presenters: Hamza Bkira, Jackson Fuafiva Osborne, Lisa Osborne, Maxime Vigeant, Nick Yan, Terrell Lawrence, Grace Laybourn

“I absolutely love this release!” says Grace Laybourn. “Firstly, it was so much fun filming at Les Mills Auckland City with an awesome audience and a really fun and diverse team of presenters. The energy on the day was incredible!

“This release has the traditional aerobic feel in tracks 3 and 8, but also an innovative and athletic feel with the two circuit tracks. My favorite track has to be Track 8, ‘My Party’! It truly felt like a big BODYATTACK bonanza, with plenty of opportunities to share the energy, passion and connect with one another.

“There’s a fun new combo in Track 2 — Step Curl forward with a Burpee. It feels really athletic and dynamic and is a great way to warm up the whole body. We see the return of the Double Knee Crossover/Turn Combo in the Aerobic 3, one of my all-time favorite moves! The Circuit 3 has a Jump Jack/Feet Together combo which again has a great athletic feel and challenges our core and stabilizing muscles.

“Any backstage stories? Nothing too crazy haha, just lots of energy and hype on the day, we had so much fun training, lots of snacks! Lisa brought her baby along to training (her doggy) and I brought my actual baby! It was a pretty cool moment being 7 months postpartum and returning to filming.

“We had three focuses from Lisa for this release: 1. Great coaching! Having a moment in each track where we can learn something new or find opportunities for more purposeful teaching. 2. Options early! Doing this allows us to ensure everyone is moving in a way that feels comfortable and safe for them. 3. MY PARTY! Make it your own BODYATTACK party — sharing your love, energy and passion for this program!”

“This release is very energetic and happy!” adds Nick Yan. “The most important thing is to focus on connecting with each participant so that everyone can exercise safely and effectively. My favorite song is 9A ‘Gabber Style’. The music has great contrast and strong energy, which will motivate everyone to work to their max.”

Terrell Lawrence says, “This release lifts the soul. I love the athleticism and energy of the new combinations, new styles, and new music. I really love track 8 because we get to dance, party, and have an amazing time. My favorites song of the release are tracks 2 and 3 Aerobic — because of the energy they bring.”


Presenters: Charlotte Ranque, Fraser Beck, House Chaalane, Khiran Huston, Maggie Cheng, René Vogel

“It was incredible to be back filming BODYBALANCE after a few years,” says René Vogel. “This release is magical because of the music. The lyrics are very special, and they touched me deeply because of my personal situation. Our goal as presenters was to encourage members to get through the challenges and bring a personal note to our coaching.

“There are some tough and challenging tracks in this release. We have a very long track 3 where you’re holding Warrior Poses for 6 or 7 minutes… good luck!

“My favorite song is the Tai Chi Warm-Up, ‘Heartbeat’. I think the cost of not following your heart is spending the rest of your life wishing you had – ignoring your heart can lead to a lifetime of regret. Listening to your heart can lead to a life full of purpose, joy, and fulfillment, so I encourage you to stick to your innermost desires and courage, even if the path is uncertain. That’s my message for the whole release — believe your heart is your strongest muscle.

“My advice to Instructors learning BODYBALANCE 104 is to practice it as much as possible. It’s quite an intense release and the struggle was real for me in some of the tracks, but they offer an opportunity to take your teaching up a notch and develop a new kind of fitness. Especially if you’ve been teaching for a while, take the challenge to grow and get out of your comfort zone. Track 3 is a challenging track, but it’s also my favorite because it’s so freaking beautiful. Inspire your members by showing them that you feel the challenge too.”

House Chaalane adds: “This is the release of challenge, exploring, and absolute freedom. The Yoga Warm-Up brings you into the zone, followed by an interconnected Sun and Moon Salutation that flows perfectly. You’ll be happy to cool things down and come on the floor after the Balance track AND YET, the Core track take the level up once again! Luckily, we have multiple options for everyone, from the absolute beginner to the hardcore yogi. This is probably one of the best releases I’ve ever done. And if you want to learn French, make sure you stay for the Meditation!”


Presenters: Dan Cohen, House Chaalane, Lunar Lu, Marlon Woods, Maxime Vigeant, Rachael Newsham, Sebastian Jaramillo, Vili Fifita, Meno Thomas

“This release is dynamic, demanding and dynamite when it comes to the music,” says Sebastian Jaramillo. “When I first received the playlist, I thought: ‘OMG these beats are what I need to motivate me’.

“We continue to focus on functional training and also on the tempos challenge, where we get a little closer to the reality of martial arts training. We went "back to basics" where we focused on a more structured coaching model, i.e. you can clearly see the three coaching layers in all the tracks.

“It's hard to pick my favorite track, but I would say track 2 because... AHHHHH I taught it with Rach and we had an incredible connection, but also track 4 because the music is 100% my vibe: Techno! Track 5 is also on the list because of the intensity of the song and how it builds up to deliver the most challenging burpees you've ever done in your life. And the Bolt Push-up is back!”

House Chaalane says: “ROAD TO 100! What an awesome release we have here! The focus is on how to move better. We learn not only how to strike, but also how to move our bodies to feel more powerful when it comes to punching and kicking.

“This release has power, fun and a whole lot of challenge. We begin with an old-school feeling in track 1a that will have all your members singing along. The Advanced Side K is back! (That track 4… the music... OMG!) There’s challenge in track 5, leg blasters for track 6 and an absolute banger of a track 7! Consider this workout as a marathon: it’s not about how you start, but how you’re going to finish. And I predict you’ll be on your knees gasping!

“BODYCOMBAT 99 is the kind of release can you do many times and it will remain fresh. There’s so much to focus on that you can layer in different coaching information over time, giving your members an authentic martial arts experience.”


Presenters: Charlotte Ranque, Gandalf Archer Mills, House Chaalane, Sami Nieschmidt, Terrell Lawrence

“If ‘intensity’ was a release, it would definitely be 108!” says House Chaalane. “Waaw! G, what did you do here? Haha! If you all thought that track 2 from 107 was intense, well, let me introduce you to what we call in LES MILLS GRIT an “Accelerated Warm-Up”! It brings you into the workout right away!

“The first block brings back that Hip Hop flavor, which is awesome and refreshing. There are great combinations set to amazing music that will blow your mind! The sassy feeling from the recovery is pretty lit, and what can I say about block 2... banger after banger after banger, with the intensity rising and rising.

“I have a few favorite tracks. I adore 10 (Bongoooos) the moves, the sass, the combos… love it! Shout out to track 2 for the hype that it brings to the class. And I also love the entire block 2. Every. Single. Song. I am beyond excited for everyone to try this gem!”

“BODYJAM 108… all I can say is brace yourself for a very energetic and special release!” adds Terrell Lawrence. “Without giving away any spoilers, my favorite song is in the first block and at the very end of the last block. It reminds me of summer and feeling good and has a house vibe to it.

“What really makes this release stand out is the armlines. We’ve got to make sure we hit them as sharply and clearly as we can.

“A little backstage wardrobe story: I was going to wear a sleeveless jacket that made me outfit look really cool, but I was concerned I’d get a bit too hot. When you watch the Masterclass, you’ll see why I’m glad I didn’t wear it because we are all so hot and sweaty. Think summer in Auckland, the heat of the lights, the choreography itself, plus we have a live audience — it was boiling in there so I’m very glad I changed my mind!”


Presenters: Anthony Oxford, Ben Main, Glen Ostergaard, Maggie Cheng, Marlon Woods, Nick Yan, Reagan Kang, Kylie Gates

“This round brought a different perspective on how you can teach a workout by focusing on the experience, not just being perfect,” says Reagan Kang. “We understand Instructors go through a different kind of stress and place high standards for themselves to teach the best class. Sometimes the best class is the one you teach your way – and the presenters showcased that this round.

“What can I say about BODYPUMP 129? It’s a very fun release. I love the Squat track — it’s an absolute banger with great intensity. My favorite track is Biceps, ‘Rude Boy’, because who doesn’t like to let their bad side out?

“The Staggered Deadlift in track 4 is something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time because it helps strengthen the lower body in a different way. I hope when Instructors watch this release they think about stage persona, and how they can bring out their best when they present.”

Nick Yan says: “There’s a big focus on the benefits of strength training in this release, which you’ll see in the coaching on Masterclass. My favorite track is Lunges, because it promotes muscular endurance and improves our stability and balance. I also love the fun and relaxed feel of ‘Rude Boy’.”


Presenters: Kaylah-Blayr Fitzsimons-Nu'u, Mark Nu'u-Steele, Otto Prodan, Ethan Morrow-Wilson

“We’ve made a few changes in Release 134 and now 135,” says Mark Nu'u-Steele. “This is part of the continual evolution of BODYSTEP and is designed to bridge the gap for our loyal Instructors and participants who loved the program pre-release 131.

“These changes are: the addition of two songs with broad appeal; the addition of two staple BODYSTEP movements, kept simple, with a feel-good vibe; and we’ve shortened the Peak 3 Athletic Circuit duration to allow all 45-minute formats to complete the tracks. It’s got the same intensity, with a focus on movement quality. We hope Instructors and their members love it!”

“This release is really cool and we had a blast bringing it together!” adds Ethan Morrow-Wilson. “It’s fun, it’s challenging and the music… is AMAZING! It gets you HYPED right from the start and it helps keep you in the workout when you need it. There’s space for you to ramp up your heart rate in the athletic peak tracks while also offering lots of intensity choices so no matter what level you’re at, you can commit to your workout and leave feeling amazing with a butt that feels like it’s on FIRE!

“I loved being able to present and bring track 6 to life. It was an opportunity for me to showcase my love for this style of music and training. The song BANGS and the workout pairs perfectly with it!

“What’s my favorite song? How do you pick?! Haha, this release is filled with bangers! Track 4, ‘Call My Name’, talk about energy! Exactly what you need for a peak track. Track 5, ‘Counting’ is so much fun getting to teach to music I listen to in my own training sessions. Also, ‘Lil Boo Thang’. How can you not dance to something as infectious as this song, especially now that all the hard work is done and the body is flooded with endorphins.

“The innovation lies in track 4’s Hamstring curls. Hamstrings are such important muscles to train, especially when it comes to efficiency with all the leg training that we do, so to specifically target them is epic.”


Presenters: Hamza Bkira, Lunar Lu, Maggie Cheng, Nick Yan, Otto Prodan, Reagan Kang, René Vogel, Sebastian Jaramillo

“LES MILLS CORE 54 focuses on rotational power,” says Sebastian Jaramillo. “This makes it super challenging, but also fun. The music is great — a refreshing, exciting sound for LES MILLS CORE.

“There are a lot of new moves. A little tip: don't be afraid to go heavier! CORE 54 will challenge you in the best way possible. Take the time to watch and learn the Bonus tracks, as they have several innovations and special moments.

“My favorite track is Bonus Standing Strength 3, aka Animal Flow, aka the PANDA Flow. You definitely have to watch this track to understand what I'm talking about 🙂 it's a fun track, with different moves that will challenge you and your participants!

“I think everyone's favorite song is the Bonus Glute Isolation. The feeling is incredible and the choreography is super simple. You can also move at your own pace.”

“Watch out for track 2,” adds René Vogel. “Just when you think you’re done, there’s another extended set of work!

“I love the Warm-Up song, a modern remix of ‘Rhythm is a Dancer’. It’s uplifting and a classic to start the class off.

“We had a big team presenting this round so it was good to showcase different kinds of teachers on the release.”


Presenters: Bas Hollander, Levi Farrell, Sankha Peiris, Ben Main, Erin Maw, Nel Baxter, Sami Nieschmidt

“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this release!” says Nel Baxter. “The first time I did this one, my glutes and quads were sore for almost an entire week! The music and feel in this release is epic and it’s one of those releases where the workout just seems to flow! I love how strong and challenged this release makes me feel, especially in the lower body.

“A 2-minute EMOM hits hard and fast at the beginning with Burpees. Track 4 has this incredible superset where we change between moderate and high intensity moves, while there’s this one move that just leaves you hurting for days! We also see the return of the Single Arm Plate Snatch to Lunge.

“My favorite has to be track 5! The music is so empowering and it’s a MASSIVE working track to finish on. There’s the challenge to complete Clean & Press Front Squats as quickly as you can before dropping into Mountain Climbers for the final minute. I know any track that challenges me to complete a certain amount of reps as quickly as I can is always going to push me. And then in the final set, just when you think you’re so close, BAM it’s Burpee time! The best way to finish a release.”

“It was great to film at the Auckland City Les Mills Studio 1,” says Sankha Peiris. “It was a very early start to us to get set up for filming. Everyone was hyped and ready to go before the sun was out. It's awesome to see how everyone — from the presenters, the audience, the crew — come together over a month to create such an amazing workout. So much work goes into making the release what it is. It's very humbling to help bring this to life.

“You'll know all the moves, there's nothing unfamiliar, but the way it's put together is very new. Watch out for the on-the-beat and off-the-beat High Knee Runs! A fast way to jack up the heart rate. I think members will love this workout for the music, for the structure, for the challenge. The workout is hard, but it's fun.”


Presenters: Anthony Oxford, Glen Ostergaard, Khiran Huston

“SPRINT 35 is HUGE, inspiring and athletic!” says Glen Ostergaard. “Get ready to test your anaerobic fitness with 3x 80-second blocks of Power Endurance to overload the muscles and challenge the lungs.

“We hit small, fast, energizing Power Jumps for athletic conditioning. We stimulate our fast-twitch fibers by moving between Heavy and Light Loads at speed, making us stronger and more efficient.

“The final challenge is a Power Endurance Pyramid: 60-80-100 seconds of standing endurance. Get ready to test your resolve and resilience!”

Anthony Oxford adds: “This is definitely one of my favorites! It’s a simple but super effective workout. I love the Warm-Up because it sets the mood for the workout and focuses us for the training ahead. My favorite track is 6, ‘Run The Show’. It’s the perfect end to an epic training session. It’s high energy, with a great tempo and empowering lyrics, so great!”


Presenters: Khiran Huston, Vili Fifita

“LES MILLS TONE 25 is everything you want in one workout!” says Khiran Huston. “We’ve kept this release simple, included all your favorite iconic TONE moves, plus some of your new favorites for the ultimate release.

“The Scap Squat makes a return to supercharge our Burpees and give you the ability to continue to coach this dynamic extension of our TONE Posture.

“The first five tracks are simple and fun, allowing your members to dial the level of intensity up or down and still feel really successful. When we create a release, we always run through it completely low and completely high to make sure all progressions are athletic, with a feeling of success.

“Cardio Peak 2 is our highlight track this round. It’s playful, it’s athletic and is everything we love about TONE — coordination, tempo, play and fun!

“In this release, we have more tracks moving off the beat to allow our participants the ability to train at a pace that’s right for them.

“The Lower Body Strength track introduces a new extension of a Lunge by adding a plate pass under. The track is pure strength and loading during time under tension. Our Functional Core Strength track is two for the price of one — by adding the band to our Mountain Climbers and Cross Crawls we engage not only the core but the glutes as well.

“Finally, we’re delivering on your feedback — the Glutes track is entirely done in standing and it is oh so effective. A great Strength track to finish off our workout!”


Presenters: Amy Lu, Bas Hollander, Glen Ostergaard

“RPM 102 is a super fun, uplifting and inspirational musical journey that will connect all riders in your class,” explains Glen Ostergaard.

“The key focus in this workout is that we are establishing our working Resistances, Racing, Climbing and Attack early in the tracks. Once these are locked in, we don’t manipulate them very much. This gives our riders a more consistent workout, increasing their cardiovascular fitness. For Instructors, it means we have fewer Resistance cues to coach, thereby making it very simple to teach!”