The Program Directors and Creative Teams have done it again! Q4 releases are about to drop, the music and choreo this round are HOT, and we have the most diverse team of Presenters ever featured on Masterclass. Whether you’re grabbing the release to teach to live classes now or to stay current and connected with the programs, here’s what you can expect from the next round.


WOW. You are in for a treat this release – BODYATTACK 110 is fun, energizing and challenging! Simple blocks of work mean that the choreography is easy to learn, and there are lots of options to work on the spot if there are social distancing restrictions in your country.

The workout starts with a huge chart topper that everyone will know so you can sing, play and connect with your class from the very start. The music for track 5 Athletic Strength and Core tracks is super cool, with current sounds and moves that will leave your whole body feeling challenged. It has options to suit both the beginner and your advanced participants.

A huge highlight of this release is track 7 Agility: pure ladder drills with speed work and recoveries that will shoot the heart rate up and get your adrenaline pumping. It’s fast, furious and fun!

Tracks 6 Running and 8 Interval are all about the emotion and good feels; the music will lift you into that place of hard work and passion. Let the fireworks sparkle!

The Power track 9 is a simple circuit of repeated moves which means you can focus on driving members to push to their max.

Have fun with this release – bring your smiles and energy to keep the positive feels for all as we share the workout together.


You’re going to love watching the Masterclass for BODYBALANCE 90, which features 35 shadow presenters from Russia, Senegal, Colombia, Israel, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia… this is a truly global presentation.

The Yoga Warm-up gets us into the zone, with Cat and Cow Pose, Down Dog and a new Leg Circle to really warm the hips.

This release has two Sun Salutations, with a special Warrior Yoga flow in the second part. We challenge our balance in Standing Strength with Floating Half Moon and the option to embrace instability in our Wide Squat. The music for the Balance track is simply beautiful, and will invite your participants to “explore and discover” as they move through Star and Fallen Star Pose.

Your participants will love the simplicity of the Hip track, where we hold the poses for long periods of time to immerse ourselves in the stretch. Hovers and Side Hovers challenge our core, before we strengthen our backs with Horse Stance and Pointer.

We end the class with beautiful twists and lying stretches to prepare us for Relaxation/Meditation.

This release has music that inspires us, makes us sing and work hard, and features movements that challenge us and feel great. This is a class we have tried to make feel very connective in its simplicity and flow. We hope it lifts your spirits and helps you dream of the brilliant future.


BODYCOMBAT 85 is all about getting fitter, and building our reserves of inner strength and resilience – something we could all do with in 2020! You’re going to love the motivational music which will make everyone feel empowered in their workout.

Track 2, Combat 1, is all about the Jump Kick, with opportunities to really practise the move before we progress it to the pulse-raising Jump Kick Forward. In track 3 Power Training 1 we hit the first cardio peak of the workout, and the Superman Punch is back to maximize our physical output!

We focus on raw kicking power in track 4, Combat 2, with eight rounds of a Karate Side Kick Combo combined with a Power Roundhouse Combo. Track 5, Power Training 2, will strengthen your core and upper body with Renegade Pushups and Mountain Climbers, with standing options for those who don’t want to work on the ground.

Did someone say lean, strong legs? Combat 3, track 6, is a slower paced, low loaded, athletic Capoeira track… we guarantee your legs will be on fire by the end of this one! The highlight of track 7 Muay Thai is the new full-powered Switch Front Kick and the 12 massive Jump Knees – we start on the ground and progressively lift higher to drive the intensity.

Track 8 – the final Power Training – is pure explosive fitness and just feels amazing at this stage of the workout. Unleash yourself and feel the catharsis of just going as hard as you can!


BODYJAM 94 is the perfect occasion to brace that core harder than ever before, soften the knees, and over toes of course, cause we’re really gonna push and stretch and test the literal gravity around you to the limit, because this release, labelled 100% correct, is HOW LOW CAN YOU GO.

Track one is that gorgeous new chill drop style of our new format, followed by the sassiest sass pants HYPE track, whacking and cross stepping through stunning deep house.

Then our first block hits with mega bounce, Rack city city Rack Rack city city, where you set up the style of the whole block. Track 5 is like an afro fire 2020 remix of Candy Shop (I think because it is literally an afro fire 2020 remix of Candy Shop) before the banger that is Headsprung will have you feeling Timberland up with the tick in your butt.

Track 6 brings in some viral Horn action to make everybody smile, then Tap In brings us all sorts of other delightful bottom delights. Plenty of space to wiggle.

The last song is called Not Looking Back and the drop will hit you hard in your dance pants (you have have to pronounce that last phrase full Australian, the pants should rhyme with the dance, or of course take it full Queen Elizabeth and say Dahhhnce Pahhhnts so whatever you like, you do you boo).

A cacophony of pineapples slides us through the recovery track with more bouncy bottom action, before the 2nd block HOW LOW CAN YOU GO goes 2020 Hip Hop into a million bpm soca to a song LITERALLY CALLED HOW LOW CAN YOU GO. Illuminate answers the question on everyones’ lips: “What if G took a combat song from last round and made everybody Cat Daddy to it”

Trust Nobody goes hard, but omg Bad Girls goes HAAAAAAAAARD.

Then calm your face with the greatest groove down of all time Work Out.


Release 115 is the perfect BODYPUMP workout: great music, high reps and light weights to tone and shape all the muscles of your body. You’re going to love watching the Masterclass to spot your favorite Presenters. This round we have shadows from Guadeloupe, Bolivia, Poland, Brazil, Montenegro, Chile, Slovenia… to name just a few!

We ease into the training with our full body Warm-up, before smashing the legs in Squats with four blocks of work and repeated sets of triple pulses. Combining triple pulses with a held 1/1/2 tempo means that fatigue will set in fast, ensuring we burn calories and generate the fatigue that delivers results.

The Mid Pushup is back – and this time it’s in the Chest Track. We build pressure in the upper body with alternating sets of Pushups and Chest Flys, before testing our strength with a big set of barbell work to finish.

The Back Track is a beautiful and powerfully uplifting song with simple, innovative choreography: three rounds with the bar, before we drive the heart rate sky high with plate work.

Your triceps will be burning with the Tricep Press Pullover, and we get extra bang for our buck as we also challenge the core with Pushups and Side Plank Rotations. Then turn up the pressure for the biceps with a quirky track that will challenge the muscle tension point…

Static lunges guarantee a deep burn for the legs in the Lunge track, before we flex the muscles of our shoulders as we work the anterior and posterior chain. This is coupled with a conditioning phase to peak our workout.

We strengthen our core to the stunning sound of Wildflower, before stretching and cooling down to a classic retro hit!


I’m excited for you all to experience this new BODYSTEP release. There’s something for everyone in this class. The music selection and exercise content will drive you to hit the athletic parts of the class with energized power, and also contrast the strong feel with uplifting fun tracks to keep you smiling as you train.

We warm up to the sweet sounds of Came Here For Love and 1234, where the lyrics of the songs dictate the arm lines and foot work in these tracks.

We reach Peak 1 to the song Motivation, and it has a fun signature move where you turn around when the lyrics say “turn around”!

In the Mixed Strength track, we add Squats, Burpees and Mountain Climbers to the fray for a cross training effect to the workout. There are also standing options available for the Burpees to keep this class inclusive for all participants.

Peak 2 has a strong athletic feel to the song In Cold Blood. This was a song that I often worked out to at home through the New Zealand COVID-19 lockdown. I loved it so much that I had a high energy remake especially made for BODYSTEP.

Next up is Conditioning 1, where we bring our heart rates down and focus on creating heat in the lower body to Comin’ In Hotta.

Then it’s show time with the Party Step, where you have the opportunity to strike poses whenever you hear the camera click.

The Athletic Circuit is next. Do you remember The Spook Returns in release 119? This circuit includes the OG prequel song The Spook. Once again, we have some fun with spooky arm lines as we jump, to get our heart rates soaring.

And then full steam ahead to the final cardio peak to This Is It.

We wind the workout down with weighted posterior chain and core work to Mother’s Daughter before cooling down to Know Your Worth.


With moves such as the Reverse Cycle & Cross Crawl, Iguana, Clam and Scorpion, your participants are guaranteed to improve their core activation, strength and stability!

Your members will feel the challenge in Track 2, Core Strength 1, with a Hover Firefly sequence, with levels for all. We build rotational power in Track 3, Standing Strength 1, with the Power Skier and Alternating Rows, before getting a deep burn for the glutes in Track 4, Standing Strength 2, with the Single Leg Squat and Knee Lift. There’s an option to add a weight held over head for those who want the extra challenge!

Track 5, Core Strength 2, trains the core across two planes of motion to ensure we eliminate any imbalances or weaknesses in the body. Finally, we strengthen the posterior chain with SMARTBAND Rows and the Iguana.

We hope you enjoy trying out both the 30-minute and 45-minute formats; this release includes two Bonus Tracks for you to mix up the sounds and feel of the workout.


Back at it! Release 34 has all the goodies to get the heart rate pumping through maximum output to burn fat and get fit, fast.

Innovative twists on previous sets and structures will provide both a mental and physical challenge. In this release, kickers are added onto the end of almost all tracks to give the workout extra fire! A blend of counting reps and going hard for time will keep everyone on their toes, and you will have fun teaching Track 2 with the brand new Coach’s Rep Challenge.

Athletic is super creative this round, making use of the risers like never before! The bonus Athletic block is called ‘3D Training’ and was inspired by sports conditioning in NFL Combination training. 3D training is all about teaching the body how to move in multiple directions quickly, mixing up the stimulus and challenging the body in new ways to shift our fitness faster. Enjoy learning about and teaching this one; it’s super high energy and really fun, especially the reactive training sets!


In this release we share our passion for HIIT training through amazing music and choreography. It is a simple release with just two tracks – yes, that’s right, TWO tracks: Mixed Conditioning 1 and Mixed Conditioning 2.

We kick straight into Mixed Conditioning 1! What, no Accelerated Warm-up?! Treat the first two blocks of this track as an Accelerated Warm-up, which will get us into the training zone quickly before we hit Strength hard in the third block

We then move into two continuous Strength efforts that will burn the legs and genuinely test our fitness. In these two blocks we have short Accelerations of Strength Power, where we move ahead of the beat, pushing a Heavy Load which will really challenge your members.

Sprints are up next. We have 4x 30-second efforts to challenge the nervous system, the goal is to move as quick as you can, it’s only short; what have you got to lose?

Finish this first Mixed Conditioning track with 2x 80 seconds of power. Your goal here is to take it to the max in the Accelerations, challenge yourself – you’ll get fitter for it! The overall focus for this track is to find top-end Intensity and work as hard as you can.

Mixed Conditioning 2 is a repeat of the first track. Exactly the same workout plan, but this time it’s about maintaining that Intensity with good Technique. This time the first two efforts are not a Warm-up, they are considered working blocks, so get to it!


LES MILLS TONE 11 is so much fun whichever level you’re taking, it should hopefully lighten your current socially distanced mind! This round, it is all about what you know and love/hate TONE for – an intense cardio blast followed by a posterior chain (especially the glutes) blowout and some wicked core work. The music is extremely upbeat this time, you can’t help but move to it, which is great until you hit the second half of Thunder. I apologise for that in advance.

Almost as much as I apologise for the Clamshell glute move in the “cooldown”… which is pretty misleading.

Have a blast getting fitter and stronger with this one!


RPM 88 is a cool, upbeat release. The focus of this release was to create an uplifting musical journey of contrast and color that would motivate and inspire our riders to work hard to increase their strength, speed and fitness.

The class opener – Track 1 – is smooth, full and engaging. Here we coach all the basics with a focus on setting our participants up for the ride.

  • In Track 2 there is an obvious energy shift – the song is upbeat and inclusive. Use a more energetic and encouraging voice in this track.
  • Track 3 is a slow burning banger! Connect your class to the slow, driving rhythm. Don’t over coach this one by being BIG and LOUD, be cool and calm instead! The focus is strength endurance, about building intensity as the track progresses and holding onto it.
  • Track 4 is fast and punchy! A massive contrast from Track 3. Use clear PRP cueing with the fast transitions but also making sure coaching doesn’t over power the busyness of the music. The pace is fast, remember we don’t ride on the beat, we chase the beat instead.
  • Track 5 is classic drum and bass with lots of build ups and cool instrumentations. Use lots of descriptive cues for resistance and what it should feel like. Then hit each of the 3 intervals hard, between 40–60 seconds each.
  • We’ve stepped outside of the box for Track 6, it has a young modern flavor with lots of drum instrumentals. Watch out for the Attacks in the second and third blocks. Here you need to pre-cue the change early and make sure they add enough resistance. Again this track is fast, so cue to chase the beat rather than on the beat.
  • Track 7 is an emotional, engaging and uplifting track. Teach with inclusive language to pull your class together to finish. Coach your class to work hard in the short, strength power phases by increasing leg speed ahead of the beat.
  • Track 8 celebrates the end of the workout. Acknowledge your class and their effort they put into the class.

As always, RPM is largely about the music, listen to it before you teach it. Feel it and think how you can bring out the emotion of the track and how it provides contrast from the next one.


SH’BAM 41 is here and it is hot, hot, hot! Jace, Grace and Bianca bring you dance moves that have serious sass, dramatic jazz flavor, euphoric energy, beauty, power and fun. It’s a workout that will bring joy to everyone in the room, encouraging them to let go of their inhibitions and enjoy an amazing shared workout experience.

You’ll feel the fun, energy and beauty right from the beginning of this release with Thunder starting this dance party and setting you up for what’s to come. The cardio and dance euphoria is out of this world for each peak track dancing to Illuminate, Higher Ground, and I’ll Be Here for You. Fair warning, you just might need to bring a fire extinguisher into your studio for tracks 3, 5 and 8 because in SH’BAM 41 the hips are on fire!


An artistic work on a large scale describes this release which we have called O P U S.

The narrative is driven by a journey to a summit and this becomes a metaphor for the ride. During the ascent we encounter several splits, or forks, in the road that provide opportunities to challenge our fitness.

A beautiful low-land valley welcomes us and leads us to the first of our climbs to the summit. From here we take the first fork in the road and enter a darker space where the workout continues to lift.

We enter a Dreamspace of beat-driven elements which lead us through to our second climb toward the summit, and this is followed by the final fork in the road and another Dreamspace.

The ride concludes with our third and final climb to the summit and a reflective cruise through a beautiful landscape.

We have the pleasure of having Bas Hollander back to lead our Masterclass. Bas brings his unique infectious style to the ride and there are lots of great takeaways for everyone.