An update on our Reebok partnership

The Les Mills partnership with Reebok will come to an end on 31 December 2022.

It’s been an incredible journey and we’ll forever be grateful to both the Reebok team and our Instructors for all their passion and support over the last eight years to make the partnership a success.

Our last co-branded Reebok range is Fall/Winter 2022 – which launched on 15 June – and the partnership will be business as usual until the end of the year.

We’re excited to be exploring fresh opportunities in a fast-changing fitness market and embark on new collaborations to help drive our mission of creating a fitter planet. We have active conversations underway and will keep you updated as these evolve, so watch this space!

We understand you may have questions about this update, so we’ve done our best to answer these below. Should you have further questions, please email your local market Instructor contact.

Why is the partnership ending?

Reebok was acquired by Authentic Brand Group in February 2022 and this kickstarted a mutual evaluation of our partnership. After much consideration, the subsequent decision to end the partnership was taken mutually by Les Mills and Reebok, taking into account feedback from a range of key stakeholders, including Instructors. Although we’ve enjoyed an incredible partnership over the past eight years, business priorities on both sides have changed and it is time for Les Mills to start a new chapter in this space.

Will there be a new partnership with another company?

We’re currently scoping and discussing potential apparel partnerships with different global brands. We have yet to reach a formal agreement, but we will keep everyone updated on the latest developments.

Will there still be benefits for Instructors in future partnerships?

Achieving positive outcomes for Instructors is a central focus of these discussions. Instructor benefits continue to form a key part of ongoing discussions with potential apparel partners.

Does our Reebok Instructor discount still work?

A 25% Instructor discount is still redeemable via Reebok One / Reebok Unlocked. If for any reason you cannot access this, please contact your local Reebok Customer Service team. Contact details can be found on your local Reebok website.

What should we wear to teach in the interim, or if we’re attending a LES MILLS LIVE?

Our partnership with Reebok remains in place until 31 December 2022. Please wear the most current co-branded (Reebok X LM) seasonal range you have to any classes you teach and any events you attend.

Can we still wear Reebok apparel to teach in once the partnership has ended?

As things stand, yes. Should apparel terms and conditions change as a result of any future partnership, we’ll be sure to update you with the new guidelines and provide plenty of notice.