In case you haven’t noticed, cycle is on fire right now. We caught up with some of our favorite cycle Instructors to find out exactly what all the fuss is about.

Whether you’re all about the journey and the feels of RPM, the intensity of LES MILLS SPRINT, or the immersive power of THE TRIP, there’s a cycle program to suit you. So what exactly keeps our Instructors addicted to their cleats?

  1. The connection and sense of community

“You can really create a community feel when you teach the cycle programs. The nature of these classes is that everyone hangs around afterwards, has a stretch, has a chat, they go for coffee together. It’s a great way to build class numbers and create a real following for you as an Instructor. There’s a different type of connection that you get with participants in the cycle programs. It’s a more intimate, intrinsic connection than you might get teaching other programs in a bigger studio.”

Glen Ostergaard, Program Director for RPM and LES MILLS SPRINT

“When you get it right, there is a magic that happens in the cycle space that is hard to replicate elsewhere. The perfect storm of being in a smaller room, in close proximity to each other, the atmospheric lighting, the feeling of being fully immersed in the music. It is a visceral experience that creates a unique intensity. The simplicity of riding a bike allows people to totally lose themselves in the music and the workout. Ultimately, as an instructor, I feel more connected to the people in front of me, and I see more connections being made within the group. There is just something about the synergy of a cycle class that seems to create more connections.”

Matt Thraxton, Training Manager for Les Mills China, Trainer and Presenter in RPM, LES MILLS SPRINT and THE TRIP

“The real sense of community that is built inside a cycle studio is something really special. The friendships you make and the friendships made are quite unique to the cycle space. I love the connection and the ability to just sit inside the music with everyone. It’s hard to explain but there are many moments where you are just at one with the music, the people and the workout. The ability to create these special moments is what I love about teaching cycle. It’s that feeling when you look at your class and you see them, you feel them and you know everything is just lit up!”

Amy Styles, Trainer and Presenter in RPM, LES MILLS SPRINT and THE TRIP

“Not only is cycling one of the best forms of cardio you can do that is low to no impact, it also creates an endorphin high and a sense of community and accomplishment in the room or studio that leaves people feeling great, feeling confident, and wanting to come back for more! The fact that I can help people feel this way makes me feel those things too and makes me want to help take them on a ride!”

Joshua Berrier, Trainer and Presenter in RPM, LES MILLS SPRINT and THE TRIP

  1. The emotional journey

“I just love being part of the RPM experience. Every Les Mills class is unique and RPM is special because it allows for the pure energy and musicality like nothing else. The feeling you get when the bass drops and you hit the rhythm with a room full of people just like you – it’s electric!”

Giles Bryant, Trainer and Presenter in RPM and LES MILLS SPRINT

“Cycle is literally a party on a bike. The cycle space is intimate, the music is euphoric and the workout is always challenging. I love that I’m the “host” and people keep coming back to my cycle ‘party’.”

Khiran Huston, Trainer and Presenter in RPM, LES MILLS SPRINT and THE TRIP

“The magic of teaching RPM is the music. It allows me to go on a emotional and physical journey with my riders every class that I teach. There’s something special about that, about getting lost in the music with each other. That’s why I love it, the program connects you to people and pushes you to work harder together.”

Dee Tjoeng, Trainer and Presenter in RPM and LES MILLS SPRINT

“The reason I love teaching cycling is because it's the best opportunity to go to an inner emotional place with the people in the class. The simplicity of the workout allows you to create an environment where you can take people through a emotional roller coaster ride. From fun to strength to inner challenge, cycling classes can let people explore the extremes of these places within themselves which opens them up to more inner growth.”

Bevan James Eyles, Trainer and Presenter in RPM and LES MILLS SPRINT

  1. Everyone can do it

“The thing I love about teaching cycle is the way it allows everyone, no matter their fitness level, to express the feeling of movement to music. It flows with rhythm and just makes you feel so, so good!"

Brent Findlay, Trainer and Presenter in RPM and LES MILLS SPRINT

“I love teaching cycling for so many reasons! It is amazing when we are riding to a song that gets everyone pumped up and ready to work hard together, and there is no better feeling than when we get finished with a huge climb or a really fast surge of speed. The number one reason I love teaching cycling is because everyone can participate! That means I get to help all kinds of people to feel great about themselves.”

Anna Lowery, Trainer and Presenter in RPM and LES MILLS SPRINT

“Cycling to most people is so basic, that they don’t have to think about it during the workout. There are no complicated moves, or unexpected changes which means focus can flow to other things. Things like experiencing the music, the visuals (THE TRIP) or (what I love most) the intensity of the workout (like in LES MILLS SPRINT). It’s so ‘basic’ that as an instructor you can make it about whatever you want to make it.”

Bas Hollander, Trainer and Presenter in THE TRIP and LES MILLS SPRINT

There’s no doubt about it – cycle is big and getting bigger, so let’s get ready for the opportunities that will be opening up in this space. You don’t want to miss out on this particular ride.

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